Mustang JVs Dominate
In 51-12 Romp Over St. Patrick  
Janury 21, 2005
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As I left the SyDome on Friday night following the Mustangs
total domination over the St. Patrick Saints, I said Goodnight
to Edwin Schultz who was busy cleaning the stands and
preparing the gym for Saturday Morning Grade School
League.  He and I reminisced briefly about how in the
Mustangs past games like this would be the norm and we
would be on the losing end.

While introducing the 1,000 Point Club before the Lloyd game,
I announed that Brian Ficker was the MVP of his 72-73,
73-74, and 74-75 teams, what I intentionally failed to mention
was that his 72-73 team didn't win a game.  Playing a Division
III schedule we went a whole season without winning - 0-25
to be exact, with many games resulting much as the
Brossart-St. Patrick games had transpired last night.

While that was even a year or two before even I joined the
Mustang staff, I remember those days clearly, and while that
winless 72-73 team would jell into a 21-11 team by the time
those guys were seniors, I remember clearly the frustration of
going Ofer.

Actually, the St. Patrick program is in much better shape,
having four wins and lots of competitive games on their
schedule and it wasn't long ago, 1999-2000 to be exact that
they were among the elite in the 10th Region and probably
only a 61-60 10th Region Semi-Finals lost to these same
Mustangs deprived them of playing in their only 10th Region
Championship game and taking their first ever trip to Rupp.  
St. Patrick had defeated Mason County by 12 points in their
District Tournament finals.

The direction the two programs has taken since then is
directly related to the quality of athletes Brossart has been able
to assemble vs the player base of the Saints.  Much as
Brossart is forced to recruit our own district grade school
students to keep them in the Brossart family and not lose them
to NCC or Campbell County, some former die-hard St. Pats
families have now defected to the hilltop and the glory of the
Mason County Royals program leaving a limited talent base
down on Church Street from which to compete.

That is why it is so important to promote our program
wherever possible, conduct things such as Grade School
Team Recognition Nights, have Open Houses, make Grade
School visits as constructive as possible, take the potential
Mustangs to the Cintas Center to watch the varsity play, to
stop into locker-rooms to promote our projects and to
encourage players on a one-on-one basis to become Brossart
Mustangs.  While watching our present Mustangs dismantle
the presently downtrodden St. Patrick Saints lets appreciate
what we have and work diligently to maintain the quality of
athlete, coach, and environment that we all sometimes take for

There but for the Grace of God and a hard working program
- go we!!!!!!!!!!!!!      
Photos Courtesy Of
Mr. Tim Cooper