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Mustangs Tip Off "Senior Tour"
With 56-33 Win Over St. Henry
Smith and McDole Combine For 26
Brad Seiter Plays Inspired Ball After Tough Week
Can Todd Schafer Sing The National Anthem or What????
Coach Code Wins First As A Varsity Head Coach
The 2004-05 "Senior Tour" Season got underway with the Mustangs
providing "Just what the doctor ordered" for all of us on a rowdy
Hawaiian Night, after a brutally tough week of having to cope with the
loss of our basketball icon, friend, and brother, Nathan Seiter.
The Mustangs were able to refocus our attention to the business of
getting on with our lives and the promise of better things ahead as they
played patented great defense limiting their NKAC Division II rival
Crusaders to merely 33 points on the night and only 20 points when the
plug was pulled after the third period of play.
Brad Seiter played inspired basketball tonight forcing a couple of  
"5-Counts" defensively, making pin-point passes offensively, and hitting
the "3" the crowd so wanted from him, triggering two standing ovations,
one following the 3-pointer and one when he was removed from the
game in the early fourth quarter.  Brad was definitely on the top of
everyone's fan's list, as the chant "Brad Seiter" would break out
whenever the junior guard would make a big play.
The Mustangs got the production they will need to be champions from
Kevin Smith and Evan McDole also.  Smitty got us going early on with a
pair of 3's and then adding a bucket and two free-throws, finishing the
half with 8 points and the night with 12, looking good while doing it.  
Evan was dominant on both offense and on the boards easily posting a
double-double in the first outing of his senior season.  McDawg put 14
points on the board, bringing his career total to 960 points.
The Mustangs outscored the Cru each quarter 15-8, 12-8, 14-4, and
15-12, demonstrating the "spurtability" in the third quarter that has been
awol in the Mustangs offense the past few seasons.
The Mustangs placed eleven scorers in the box score.  Nathan Mutsch
scored his first varsity point on a fourth quarter free-throw.  Many more
will follow.
The Annual Alexandria Businessmen's - Crosstown Classic is next on the
agenda for the Mustangs, coming up Saturday evening at 8pm at the
Campbell County Middle School.
Brossart:  Seiter 0-1-1/2-4, Franzen 1-0-0/0-2, Lubbers 0-0-2/2-2,
Anderson 0-2-0/0-6, Schenk 2-0-0/1-4, McCarthy 2-0-1/2-5, Mutsch
0-0-1/2-1, JCooper 2-0-0/2-4, Smith 2-2-2/2-12, McDole 6-0-2/3-14
Totals:  16-5-9/15-56

Click On The Radio To Listen To The Broadcast Replay
of the JV and Varsity Games
The Mustangs spotted the Crusaders a 4-0 early lead, before
gunning them down, establishing an 8-4 first quarter
advantage which was extended to 25-14 by halftime and
simply cruised home in the second half, scoring their second
win of the young season 40-27 over the Cru.
Troy Cooper, Nathan Mutsch and Kyle Lubbers, the three
"BIGS" on the JV squad combined for 29 of the Mustangs 40
points by scoring 11, 10, and 8 respectively.
The game was anything but a "pound it in to the post" event,
although much of that took place.  The JVs got it up and
down, had some good looks which wouldn't fall from the
perimeter, and played GREAT Defense.  The Mustangs
limited the Cru to merely THREE field goals for the contest,
but gave up 27 charity tosses, which accounted for 18 of
their 27 points for the contest.
It is as much fun watching Josh Kidney, Adam Franzen, and
Matt Lloyd play defense and Jimmy Uebel to pass, as it is to
watch the big guys muscle it up in the paint.
Troy Cooper sparked the Mustangs 17 point second quarter
with six of his game high eleven points.
The Mustangs found the SyCenter rims to be unfriendly to
them on this night from the perimeter, which gives us a
whole new facet of the game which was not exposed in the
conference game vs the Crusaders.

Mustangs:  Lloyd 0-0-2/4-2, Rebholz 0-0-1/2-1, Franzen
1-0-4/7-6, Lubbers 4-0-0/1-8, Uebel 0-0-2/4-2, Mutsch
4-2/4-10, Cooper 5-0-1/3-11.   Totals:  14-0-12/25-40
Crusaders:  Kuebbing 2-1-6/8-13, Hollowell 0-0-8/12-8,
Rechtin 1-0-3/5-5, Strahlendorf 0-0-1/2-1
Totals:  3-1-18/27-27   
It's Business As Usual As
JVs Put Second Ball On
The Wall With 40-27
Conference Win Over
Freshmen Fall To Crusader
Greenies 27-18
I apologize to the Freshmen Mustangs for not having
information on their game.  It was still in progress at air
time for the JV-Varsity broadcast and I failed to get ahold
of the freshmen book following the games.
I do know that it was nip and tuck throughout the first
quarter which saw us trail only 9-8 and we were
competitive through halftime.  Holding the Cru to only 27
speaks well for our defense, but we are going to have to
generate more offense to run with the big dogs.
Photos Courtesy Of Mr. Tim Cooper