Mustangs Let 9-1Montgomery County Get Away
As Poor Shooting From The Field and Free Throw
Line Contribute In Handing Short Handed Mustangs
Their Second Season Loss
While It Was All About McDole and Smith Being Out
The Story Line In This One Is Actually Not About McDole and Smith
Being Out
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While the big question mark in
everybody's mind coming into tonight's
game was - Can the Mustangs compete
with the State's Number Seventeenth
ranked 9-1 Montgomery County Indians
without the services of Evan McDole and
Kevin Smith - the answer was a
resounding YES.  Through the first 23
and a half minutes of the ballgame the
Mustangs maintained a 39-34 lead, were
being permitted to play for the last shot
of the period with the possession arrow
pointing our way to start the fourth
quarter and the Mustangs going to the
line to shoot the bonus on the next Indian
personal foul,
while the Mustangs had only commited 3 violations.  
Things appeared to be falling into place for a
Montgomery County shorthanded victory and finally
a date with the vaunted Pendleton County Wildcats
in the MCIT semis on Friday night in the Mason
County Fieldhouse.  That's when the worm turned.  
A Mustang turnover resulting in an Indian basket cut
the Mustang lead to 39-36 at the end of the third
period and a similar event to start the fourth quarter
brought the Indians to within a point at 39-38 and
put "Big Mo" in a red jersey.  From that point on the
Mustangs seemed to get defensive instead of
aggressive, commited personal fouls number four,
five, and six on "act of shooting fouls,"  shot poorly
from the field and the line, saw Jason Cooper foul
out with four minutes to play in the game, get
out-rebounded two to one and as they would say -
"Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy
The Show???"    Final Score Montgomery County
52 - Mustangs 45 making for a somber ride back to
the Avenue of Champions to practice until next
Thursday when we will take it out on - Scratch That
- Take on, I meant to say, the Lloyd Memorial
Juggernauts, who better come ready to play as the
Mustangs will return to full-strength with the return
of Kevin Smith
t and Evan McDole to the starting lineup.
Looking back on the Montgomery County game, it actually could have
been much worse.  Did you know that the Mustangs were a combined
13/40 from the field, 18 of 34 from the free-throw line; got
outrebounded 40-21 for the game and only had two field-goals in the
second half.  Again, it was the superior defensive efforts of the
Mustangs in the first three periods which allowed our guys to keep it as
close as it was.  A lesser team with those numbers would have
automatically been
blown out.  If we gained nothing else, some of our underclassmen
gained what we hope is valuable experience here on the grand stage of
the Mason County Fieldhouse which will benefit them down the road.  
Expect better results in the JV MCIT here Saturday.
While this one stings, who would have thought that we would beat Clark
County in Winchester, Oak Hills in the Cintas Center, and go 2-1 in the
5th/3rd without Kevin Smith, or even give the Montgomery County
Indians a run for their money with Smith, McDole and then Jason
Cooper disappearing like characters out of Agatha Christie's Ten Little
The bottom line is we are very disappointed in the loss tonight.  We've
come to expect better.  We will return to action 100% next Thursday for
the first time since December 17th.  Our biggest learning from this game
Box Score:  Mustangs:  Seiter 1-0-1/4-3, Franzen 1-0-0/3-2,
              Anderson 1-0-1/2-3, Schenk 0-0-4/4-4, McCarthy 3-0-0/0-6
              Uebel 0-0-3/4-3, Mutsch 2-0-9/17-13, Cooper 54-1-0/0-11
              Totals:  12-1-18/34-45

               Indians:  Carty 5-0-5/6-15, Kelley 0-1-6/6-9,
               High 2-0-0/0-4, Sargent 2-0-6/10-10,  Lykins 3-0-1/1-7
               Thacker 1-0-2/2-4, Roland 0-0-1/3-1
                Totals:  13-1-23/28-52

The difference in the ballgame clearly spelled out in the box score totals is
the free-throw category where the Indians hit a sterling 23 of 28, while the
Mustangs managed only 18 of 34.
Photos Courtesy of Mr. Tim Cooper