JVs Up To McNick Challenge
Come From 12 Down Early To Beat
The Rockets 56-51

December 30, 2004
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Keep a team in a hotel for four straight days, bring them
in to practice for two hours at 8am in the morning and
then send them out to play a contentious opponent at
1pm without one of their top players and you might find
yourself on the short end of a 16-4 deficit in the first
quarter of the ballgame.

That is exactly what took place today in the 1pm JV
game with the GCL Cincinnati McNicholas Rockets.

The Mustangs were forced to dig out of their hole to get
it back to 16-9 at the quarter stop, and found themselves
still trailing 24-19 at the half.  A big third quarter put
the Stangs back on top 40-34 and it was a three point
game at 41-38 with 4:18 to play.  That would be as close
as the Rockets would get for the remainder of the
game.  8 of 11 fourth quarter Mustangs free-throw
shooting held the guys from the GCL off as the
Mustangs posted their seventh win of the season vs NO
defeats by a final score of 56-51.  Adam Franzen led all
scorers with 15, Troy Cooper had 14, and Jimmy Uebel
put up 10 points, all in the second half.
The Mustang JVs are now 7-0 and will take on Elder on
Tuesday in the pit at 5:30pm.

Box Score:  Kidney 2-0-0/0-4, Lloyd 0-0-0/2-0,
                   Rebholz 0-1-1/2-4, Franzen 2-2-5/8-15,
                   Lubbers 0-0-5/6-5, Uebel 2-1-3/4-10,
                   Clark 2-0-0/0-4, Cooper 6-0-2/6-14
                   Totals:  14-4-16/31-56
Photos Courtesy Of Mr. Tim Cooper