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Editorial Comments Posted About The
Freshmen Mustangs
Both The Message Board and Editorial Written By
Mustang Staff Assistant Dave Schabell
Congrats To The Freshmen

Success in a season is measured by different criteria. The 2004-05 Freshmen Mustangs concluded their season today as
38th District Runner-Ups wrapping up a highly successful 7-13 season.

Having seen these guys practice back on October 15th and then seeing them play vs Campbell County, one of the
supposed best freshmen teams in NoKy, I couldn't have been prouder of our guys or happier for them short of their
actually pulling off the upset.

Back in October they were a collection of  "B-Teamers", misfits, and second stringers, and they practiced like it - we
scheduled a couple of "lifeboat games" vs Villa and Calvary, just in case they were still in need of their first victory late in
the season.

Adapting to First Year Freshmen Coach Mike Schack's "Baby Steps" development program this group of guys blended
into a competitive, hard-knocking Brossart Mustangs basketball team and should be proud of themselves for doing it.
Things didn't start off so rosy and they were also forced to play Oak Hills, LexCath and Scott County - then they lost the
services of two of their starters late in the season - they could have quit (literally and figuratively)but instead they rose to
the occasion.

Back before the start of the season someone put a post on this venue stating that the freshmen team would be "terrible"
and the only good player we had was Greg Stortz - I'm sorry I blew it away - because today they battled the Camels to
the wire and Greg wasn't in the lineup. As I responded, Brossart does not produce "terrible" teams and this team would
be no exceptions. They justified my faith in them. They won seven games and lost a couple of near-misses. Sure things
Dayton and Calvary cancelled. A probable win over Lloyd was cancelled because of an administrative snafu.

Freshmen teams either get better as a season progresses or they get worse. I've coached thirteen of them - I know. Is
there any doubt in anyone's mind which way this team went??? Is there any doubt in anyone's mind which way some of
our opponents (NCC - CCo) were headed. Who out-coached who today???? Campbell County strictly depended on
superior size, maturity, and athleticism - Mike Schack and Curtis Bezold had a plan. You probably didn't recognize it but
the coaching staff put in a version of a flex offense especially for this game. It and a run-out pressbreak resulted in a
10-2 lead after the first quarter. Our guys eventually wore down - but never quit trying. I ran into two former St. Mary
Saints now Campbell County Camels Andy Franzen and Ryan Eten after the game. They didn't feel good about
themselves - they wanted a blow-out - didn't get it. They commented on how hard our guys played and how tough our
defense was - why not??? - they are Brossart Mustangs!!!

Their freshmen season came to an end in a teary Mustang locker-room after the game. The players had come to love
each other as only teammates can do. The Coaching staff expressed pride and gratitude to them for sticking with it. The
freshmen Mustangs finished the season happy, healthy, and hungry to play some more. That is a great recipe for future

Congratulations to them!!!!

We're Proud of our team!!!!!!
Posted on The BMustangs Message Board on February 5th
Just before the onset of the Freshmen basketball season I ran into one of our player's grandfather.  He stopped me and
said - Hey, I hear my grandson made the freshmen team - I didn't know he was a basketball player.  To which I quickly
replied - He's Not!

Such was the makeup of the twelve freshmen players assembled to represent Brossart High School on the hardwood this
season.  If we were producing a media guide we would have spoken more highly of their academic talents than their
basketball backgrounds.

Greg Stortz was the only bona fide starter on his grade school team the previous year and the majority of those who
surrounded him had defected to Campbell County.

The first practices were not pretty.  But their first year Coach Mike Schack saw some promise and by taking "Baby
Steps," he and his assistant, former Mustang legend, Curtis Bezold had put together a quality, hard-knocking, combative,
competitive Mustang basketball team by season's end.

I always told my freshmen players that playing basketball was a quick ticket to spring.  This past Saturday afternoon in a
locker-room at Campbell County High School following a narrow loss to the supposed far-superior Camels, the Mustangs
weren't ready for it to end yet.  As a matter of fact, they were ready to go back to Bourbon County and start it all over
again.  That is the sign of a successful season!!!!!

Few of us thought that they would hang seven balls on the wall - they did, and were deprived a few others due to
supposed bad road conditons, an admistrative snafu, a team that didn't want to play on a holiday, and one that went
defunct before we could get to them.

This team was offered up to Cincinnati Oak Hills and LexCath in order that the JVs might test their meddle vs the top
competiton in the area and the State.  By being defending runners-up of the LexCath Tournament the prize was a trip to
Lexington to play Scott County.  While learning how to win, the greenies let a few big fish get away, namely Corbin,
Dixie Heights, and Highlands, but those games held promise for the future and the Stangs delivered.

Success is measured in perspective.  As such, the 2004-05 Mustangs were extremely successful.  They earned respect
and developed self-esteem.  They played defense as only Brossart Mustangs can play it and they learned to compete with
anyone on any given day.   The Mustangs who sadly but proudly walked off of the court at Campbell County High
School Saturday played the Camels without our top two scorers.  Didn't matter - we competed anyway.

In an emotional post-game talk Coach Schack told his boys that he was proud to have this group of guys be his first
high-school basketball team.  He was right.  And we couldn't have been happier than to have Coach Schack coach them -
they learned together.  There were no playing time issues -they all played.  There was no turmoil and no one quit.  They
were a team and we couldn't be prouder of them.

NOTE:  Coach Schack asked me to Thank all of his parents and fans for their support this season, especially those who
forked over the $5 Saturday to watch a freshmen game.   You saw a great show.
Posted as an Editorial on the Homepage of BMustangs on
February 8th