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Photos Courtesy Of  Tim Cooper
JVs Survive Marathon Double
Overtime Endurance Test 65-64
Remain Undefeated at 22-0
With One To Go
Mustangs Sweep CovCath
Varsity Vanquish Northern Kentucky's Number One
Ranked Colonels 68-52
JVs Somehow Survive 9th Region JV Champions
In 2OT - 65-64  -  Remain Undefeated at 22-0
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Broadcast Replay Of Both Games
.Mustangs Answer
"Who's The Boss???" Question
Highlands, Simon Kenton, Newport Central Catholic and now
CovCath fall to our Mustangs in what is the most difficult part of
our schedule as we are playing at the top of our game at the right
time of the season.

While this is the third time in the past eight years that the Mustangs
have defeated Covington Catholic when they were ranked number
one in Northern Kentucky and the fourth time in that period overall,
this is the first time the varsity Mustangs have ever driven up the
Dixie Highway after a game in Park Hills with a win in tow.

The Mustangs set the tone early jumping out to a quick 7-0 lead
which became a 13-4 advantage with 3:28 in the first period.  It
was then that the Colonels asserted themselves and closed the gap
to 15-14 before opening back to a 19-16 lead at the end of eight

The second period saw the Mustangs open a 27-18 lead at the 5:34
mark and then had to turn back the Colonels who had again closed
the gap to 29-24 with 2:41 left in the half.  In the final 2:41 the
Mustangs re-established their lead at 36-26 at halftime.  Kevin
Smith and Evan McDole both contributed 10 points apiece in the
first half.

The Mustangs continued their dominance in the second half as
Steven McCarthy set the tone with two consecutive field-goals to
begin the period that Brossart would win 17-13 and open up a
53-39 lead with a quarter to go.

With the Colonels trailing by double figures they began fouling in
an attempt to get back into the game, sending the Mustangs to the
line twenty times in which the Stangs connected on 13 of those 20
attempts.  Brad Seiter was responsible for 10 of 12 of those charity
tosses and finished the night with 12 points in addtion to his usual
great defensive effort and ball-handling performance.

The Mustangs collectively hit 13 of 20 from the line in the fourth
quarter to preserve the Mustangs 68-52 win over Northern
Kentucky's top ranked Colonels to become the first team in NoKy
to beat the Colonels at home since February of 2003 when Conner
also took them out on Senior Night.

Brossart placed four players in double figures led by Kevin Smith
with 15 points, Evan McDole and Jason Cooper put up 13 apiece,
and Brad Seiter finished with 12.  Tim Tierney led the Colonels with
14 points and Brennen Votel tacked on 11.  

Brossart improves to 17-5 on the season and the Colonels will have
to wait for their 20th win until Friday when they travel to Frankfort.

This was a game that we said would define the character of this
Mustangs team.  IF the Mustangs could come into the Colonels
house and take out the Colonels we deserve to be the top team in all
of Northern Kentucky.  Taking them out is one thing - taking them
out by 16 points is something all together different.  The Mustangs
should earn some well-deserved respect and hopefully this win will
propel the Mustangs into Senior Night on Friday and on into the
district/regional/and State tournaments.      

Evan McDole was dominant in the paint, and Kevin Smith was the
best #42 on the floor on this night with the Penn coach in
attendence to see his recruit Brennen Votel score 11 points.
Box Score: Mustangs: Seiter 1-0-10/13-12,
             Reilly 0-1-0/0-3, Anderson 0-0-2/4-2,
             McCarthy 2-1-1/2-8, Uebel 1-0-0/0-2,
            Cooper 5-1-0/0-13, Smith 4-2-1/2-15,
            McDole 5-0-3/5-13
            Total Mustangs: 17-5-19/27-68 17-5

             Colonels: T.Jacobs 0-0-1/2-1, Witzgall 0-3-0/0-9,
             Tierney 6-0-2/6-14, S.Jacobs 1-0-0/0-2,
             Young 3-0-0/0-6, Votel 4-1-0/0-11,
              Bovard 2-1-2/2-9
             Total Colonels: 16-5-5/10-52 19-6
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Broadcast Replay Of The Varsity Game
In what will go down in the annuls of Brossart basketball history
as one of the most exciting, dramatic, exhaustive JV games ever to
be played, the Brossart Mustangs who appeared to have the game
won, and then lost, and then rescued, and then won, and then lost
and finally won, the Mustangs survived the CovCath Colonels who
won the 9th region title this past Saturday night by blowing out

Brossart opened the contest on a 12-6 run and ended up with a
15-11 edge after a period.  The Mustangs would be challenged at
the 1:30 mark in the half when the Colonels pullled to within a
point at 18-17 after which the Mustangs would re-extend their lead
to 25-21 at halftime.  Nathan Mutsch injured his hand during the
first half and would not return to the ballgame.

Brossart pushed the lead to ten points at 37-27 midway through
the third period which would end 39-30.

It appeared that the Mustangs would salt away the Colonels early
in the fourth period when we opened up a 43-34 lead and appeared
to be heading toward certain victory.... however it was then that
the Colonels would begin to chip away at the Mustangs lead and
knot the score at 47 apiece at the end of regulation.

In the first overtime it took a three-pointer at the buzzer by Jimmy
Uebel to clutch another overtime from the jaws of defeat and give
the Stangs new life and another three minutes to get the job done.

Troy Cooper would get the Mustangs out of the gate in the
second OT with a three-point play the old-fashioned way and the
Mustangs would maintain that three-point advantage until the
Mustangs called a non-existant time-out which was purchased at
the expense of a technical foul allowing the Colonels to hit two
free-throws cutting the Mustangs advantage to one and give the
Colonels the ball back with :39 seconds remaining in that OT.   We
again dodged a bullet when CovCath missed on three field goal
attempts on the ensuing a possession.  Josh Kidney who would
finish the night with 15 points after scoring two in the first half
coolly sank two free-throws which would prove the game winners
as CovCath hit a basket but watched their lifeblood run out as they
had no time-outs left to stop the clock which expired with the
Stangs on top 65-64, maintaining their unbeaten string at 22 with
only the Holy Cross Indians standing between them and an
undefeated season.

Troy Cooper led the JV Mustangs with 20 points, hitting on 7 of
10 from the field.  Jimmy Uebel who fouled out in the 2nd OT
finished the game with 18 points on 4 of 7 shooting from beyond
the arc.  Josh Kidney, who put the club on his shoulders in the
second half finished with 15 points on the night including the
free-throws which provided the margain of victory.

Box Score:  Mustangs:  Kidney 5-0-5/7-15, Franzen 0-0-1/2-1,
                 Lubbers 1-0-3/4-5, Uebel 2-4-2/3-18,
                 Mutsch 3-0-0/0-6, Cooper 7-0-6/8-20
                 Totals Mustangs:  18-4-17/24-65       

                 Totals Colonels:   16-5-17/22-64

CovCath was led by Michael Stephens with 17 and
Matt Garnick with 16