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McDole Joins Thousand Point Club
As Mustangs Beat Clark Co 67-54
Evan Becomes Thirteenth Mustang in History To Score a Thousand
Gets Eighteen In Leading Mustangs to 64-57 Win Over Cardinals
Brad Seiter and Brett Reilly Fill Offensive Void Left By Kevin Smith
Combine for 23 With Career Highs In Winning Effort
Photos By
Mr. Tim Cooper
The Brossart Mustangs are in their ninth season as members of the 10th
Region, but in Winchester, we might as well have been playing our first
game out of the Ninth or have been a visiting team from the bayou country
of Louisiana.  Not once, but on several occasions, Mustang statistician, Jeff
Miller had to correct the Clark County public address announcer who
insisted that we were Brousaard.  
At introductions of the Mustang JV Game we all axiously looked up to
check out our new exchange student as Nathan Mu-Tasch was introduced
to the crowd,  and then was later simply called Mootch.   I should not be
one to poke fun at the pronunciation of the word Mutsch, pronounced
simply Much, because for the past two years I have insisted on adding an N
and calling Nathan, Muench.  There was a time that Nate would give me
friendly reminders that it was "much" but by now he has given up and
accepted that with me he will be eternally Nathan Muench.
All that being said, whatever alias we were playing under on this Friday
night in Winchester, the Mustangs played a great ballgame under difficult
circumstances, going without the services of Seniors Kevin Smith and
Michael Schenk and drawing on the services of a very sick Nathan Mutsch.
It was a night that belonged to Evan McDole as the McDole clan traveled
en-masse to see the Big McDawg score his thousanth point in a Brossart
Uniform and they weren't disappointed.  Needing 10 entering the game it
wasn't a sure thing.   After Big Ev put up six in the early minutes of the
contest including the most impressive slam-dunk in our storied history, it
became a sure-thing.  Just into the second half at the 6:23 minute mark,
McDole made history by breaking open under our basket and scoring an
all-too-easy chip shot as the Mustangs were on a 17-0 run, that would see
the Mustangs shutout the Cardinals in the third period (15-0) erradicating a
30-29 halftime deficit and propelling us to our fourth win of the seasonand
Evan McDole to his third consecutive double-double.
The Mustangs especially missed the defensive efforts of Senior Kevin Smith
as the Cardinals played horse from 3-Point range, hitting on ten long
bombers for the contest.  Clark County was coming off of a recent six point
win over Lexington Catholic.   It was Brad Seiter and Brett Reilly who
picked up the slack on the offensive end as the two guards combined for a
total of 23 points.  Brad had 13 on the merits of 10 of 15 free throw
shooting and Brett 10 with three field goals and 4 of 4 from the line.  Lost in
the McDole hoopla is the fact that these are career highs for both Seiter and

Box Score:  Seiter 0-1-10/15-13, Franzen 0-0-3/4-3, Reilly
3-0-4/4-10,                            Anderson 1-0-0/0-2, McCarthy 0-1-1/2-4,
Uebel 0-1-2/2-5,
                Mutsch 1-0-1/3-5, Cooper 3-0-3/4-9, McDole 8-0-2/4-18
                Totals Mustangs:  16-3-26/39-67       Brossart       4-0
                Totals Cardinals:    9-10-6/11-54       Clark County 3-3   
JVs Blow Out To Early 14-4 Lead and
Cruise To Fifth Win of the Season
43-34 Over Clark County
Jimmy Uebel scored early and often helping the Mustangs establish a 14-4
lead after six minutes of play in the varsity prelim on Friday night in
Winchester where Ale 8 is more popular than Mountain Dew.
Cruise might actually be a bad word to use as the freshmen laden Cardinals
showed some spunk making several mini-runs at the Stangs as Coach
Rowe exercised his bench liberally during the contest.  The Mustangs tied
the Cards in the second period 11-11, maintaining a ten point lead at
intermission and re-established their dominance in the third period 12-5 over
the home team, then cruising to their fifth win of the season vs no losses.
Jimmy Uebel led all scorers with 14 for the Mustangs and Troy Cooper
contributed 7.  Josh Kidney remains sidelined with a bum wrist.

Box Score:  Lloyd 1-1-0/0-5, Rebholz 0-0-1/2-1, Lubbers 2-0-1/1-5,
                 Uebel 4-1-3/6-14, Kramer 0-1-0/0-3, Mutsch 3-0-0/2-6,
                 Clark 1-0-0/0-2, Cooper 2-0-3/3-7
                 Total Mustangs:  13-3-8/14-43
                 Total Cardinals:   13-2- 2/8- 34

The Mustangs JV will take on Cincinnati Big School Oak Hills on Saturday
night at home at 7pm as part of a freshmen/jv doubleheader.  
Coach Mike Code specifically directed that our Physchotics be
recognized on the website for their efforts to make the hour and a
half run to Winchester to root for the Mustangs tonight.
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