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Photos Courtesy Of
Tim Cooper
Mustang JVs Three-peat As
38th District Champs
This weekend the Brossart Mustang JVs merely did what they
they know how to do best.  Suit up, play hard, mesmorize
their opponents with their passing and shooting, exploit the
very nature of the game they play to find the optimum scoring
opportunity, and take your game away from you with their
defense.  The JV Mustangs offensive strength lies at the
intersection of "brute force" when the ball goes to the block
and "string music" when the guards are permitted to shoot
from the perimeter while in-between employing laser-sharp
passing and an in-your-face defense that makes teams forget
what it is they are suppose to be running.  Versus the JV
defense it is no longer offense - but survival..

What makes this team special is that it doesn't matter which
combination of bigs/smalls are in the game the beat goes on.  
Adam Franzen, Josh Kidney, Matt Lloyd leave no prizes
behind Door 1-2-or 3.  In the post Troy Cooper, Kyle
Lubbers, or Nathan Mutsch is going to be there to greet you -
there is no downtime in the Mustangs' paint.  Out on the
wings Jimmy is either going to burn you with a 3-ball or
dissect you with a pass to a cutter or a post-up player on the
block.  Kyle Kramer is the glue that makes it all stick together,
a perfect blend of finesse and blue-collar, who can step up
and score when need-be.  Add in the bench depth provided by
Luke Rebholz, Bryan Niemeyer, and Nick Clark and it
combines to form a product that is 20-0 after capturing their
third consecutive 38th District Championship after defeating
Pendleton County a team sporting a 16-1 mark, having lost
only to Brossart previously this season, and was supposedly
out for revenge.

Negatory on revenge, revenge left the building somewhere just
before halftime when the Mustangs drew off to a 24-11 lead
with 2:14 remaining in the first half.  With the Mustangs
leading 25-13 at the break, the Cats had to push themselves
back up the steps to even come out to play the second half
where things didn't get any easier as our guys ran out to a
41-18 lead at the end of the third period when Coach Rowe
called off the dogs.

Jimmy Uebel hit three 3's and scored 13 points despite being
the object of a Pendleton County Box and Chaser for a portion
of the game.  Troy Cooper led all scorers with 14 points on
the day and Nathan Mutsch pitched in 8 points and a
seemingly similar amount of rebounds.

A Wildcat named Dennie put up 9 for the Wildcats, while the
Mustangs held the HIGHLY touted Hurri-Kane Belcher to
merely four points for the afternoon.

Box Score:  Kidney 1-0-1/2-3, Rebholz 1-0-0/2-2,
                Franzen 0-1-0/0-3, Kramer 0-1-0/0-3,
                Uebel 1-3-2/2-13, Mutsch 1-0-6/6-8,
                Cooper 6-0-2/5-14
                Mustang Totals:  10-5-11/18-46
                Wildcats Totals:    4-2-11/14-25

The Sophomores on this team are now 44-2 over two years in
this program and the Juniors 53-12 while wearing Mustang
Relentless Defensive Pressure Holds Polar
Bears Scoreless for Two and A Half Quarters
As Mustangs Go On A 36-0 Run In the 38th
District Opening Round on Saturday.
One of the Bracken County coaches confided just before the
opening game of the 38th District Tournament versus our
Mustangs that he thought the Polar Bears "might be in for an
uphill battle."   His words became prophetic when after
trailing by only one at 5-4, the Mustangs turned up the
defensive pressure and the Polar Bears were done scoring
until the fourth quarter when Coach Rowe invited the Bears to
play horse by going into a zone defense after going on a 36-0
Jimmy Uebel set the tone by scoring 14 of the Mustangs 20
first period points, which included three 3-balls as the
Mustangs established their dominance, leading 20-4 after a
period and then 30-4 at the half.
After a halftime to make some adjustments, the Polar Bears
were still unable to figure it out and trailed 39-4 after three
quarters when the zone allowed the Bears to put some points
on the ball vs our 2-3 zone.
The Mustangs won 46-16 to improve to 18-0 on the season
and still had one to play vs Simon Kenton before their day's
work was done.

Box Score:  Lloyd 1-0-0/0-2, Rebholz 1-0-2.2-4,
                 Franzen 1-0-0/2-2, Niemeyer 1-1-0/0-5,
                 Lubbers 2-0-0/0-4, Kramer 0-0-1/2-1,
                 Uebel 5-3-1/2-20, Mutsch 1-0-0/0-2,
                 Cooper 2-0-2/2-6
                 MustangTotals:  14-4-6/10-46

                 Polar Bear Totals:  5-2-0/3-16