Dave Schabell
Bill Hagedorn, Rob, Michael, Tom and Jim Doyle
Spanish River Fishing Trip
Bill Hagedorn and I were greeted in Canada by a cool, and sometimes downright cold weather
conditon for the first few days in camp and stuggled somewhat on the lake, averaging about
six quality fish per outing when a strange thing happened, the sun came out, the water
warmed a few degrees and the fish when on a feeding frenzy, giving up 41 fish in one outing
and 33 on the next.
The Black Fly hatch had just taken place and for the first two weeks we experienced an itch
fest before they died out.  We were bug free for the final two weeks.
Bill Hagedorn returned home and I remained in camp, awaiting the arrival of the Doyle boys,
dads Tom and Jim, along with sons
Michael and Rob.  I hooked up with a guy from Grand
Rapids who thought he was doomed to dipping dew
worms for walleye during week three and he and I had
several good days boating 29 and 23 quality fish on
Tuesday and Thursday when we fished together.  That
same week I accomplished a first while trolling for
walleye just before dark, landing a 32 inch Muskie.
A 32 inch muskie is not that big for a muskie, but it is
the first muskie that I have caught on the Spanish
River in all of my 15 consecutive trips to the Blue Heron.   
Over 400 quality fish came over the side of the boat in
the four weeks, walleye were as plentiful as they were
back in 1991 for the second straight season and while we
don't fish for them on purpose put well over 100 in the
boat and could have caught 1,000 if that would have
been our goal.  The Pike population seems to be on the
continued improve and while we don't keep track of the
'toothies' caught, they were plentiful and fiesty.
Rob Doyle had one Northern Pike blow up on a surface
bait that I will never forget.  It was like a cherry bomb
exploding beneath his plug.
  All of the fish, with the exception of a few walleye,
were returned safely to the water to fight again another
Jim and Tom Doyle, shown here fishing (code name) Six-Pack Island
Six Pack Island was extremely good to us this trip and produced many
quality fish.
Bill Hagedorn displays some of his lunkers, and at right is shown fighting a walleye caught trolling (left)
in front of camp just before dark.
We caught walleye trolling from the day we arrived up until the day that we departed.
The Doyle Boys rolled into camp on June 10th in what was supposed to
have been "Mustangs" Week and caught a nasty post-cold front
condition but had things under control by the end of the week when
we boated over twenty on our last morning out.
I personally was in camp for over 30 days and fished all but one day when I took the day off and drove
to Espanola and spent the day.

My personal best Northern was 33 inches.
Catching the muskie was a highlight of the trip and I enjoyed fishing with Scott from Grand Rapids
during week three.  He taught me that fish will bite on nearly anything when in the mood.
Once again it was sweet sorrow to bid the Janzens farewell and head back across 17-W towards the states and home.
A month in Canada gives you a totally different perspective on things and I can say that I truly felt sorry for their
nation when Edmonton lost to Carolina in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  They are rabid hockey fans who are loyal to
their Canadian representative.
I am already looking forward to '07when once again we will pull into the Blue Heron for another great month of
fishing.  June 9-16 will be "Mustangs Week" in 2007.  Anyone wishing to join us at the Blue Heron that week can
contact me at 859-441-3910 to sign up.