Dave Schabell
Spanish River Fishing Trip
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The 2005 Spanish River Fishing Trip ran from May 31st through
June 11th this year.  This is a somewhat abbreviated trip which
usually runs about three weeks each spring.  Originally, we had
decided to forego the trip this spring to stay home for graduation
and for the baseball team's run in the 10th Region Tournament.  
When the Mustangs were upset in the tournament, plans
changed and we were able to slip in eleven days of quality fishing
at the Blue Heron Resort.  
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This year's cast of characters included
seasoned veterans Dave Schabell and  
Derrick Rhoden, Kevin Menkedick,
Ryan Burt, and newcomer Kevin Geiman.
Fishing was hot from the get-go with
ideal water and weather conditions.

Catch-And-Release Smallmouth Bass
ranged routinely in the 15 to 18 inch
range, with the occasional 19, 20, and 21
inch fish.  The Pike population was more
prominent and healthier this summer
and Crappie and Rock Bass reappeared  
after a one year hiatus.  Walleye were
The Schabell-Rhoden Team managed to boat 27 quality fish on the
first day out.  In all over 196 keeper sized fish came over the side of
the BassTracker during our 11 day stay.  Somedays were better than
others but with the exception of windy, rough, Monday, June 6th,
when we only boated 7 major fish, each day netted over 15
Again this year tubes and grubs were the top producers.  Many fish
were caught in incredibly shallow water during the late evening
Kevin Menkedick's crew managed to locate the No-Fish Bay crappie
and put seven in the boat in the one-pound class on thier first night in
The Northern Pike population appeared to be better and healthier this
year and no Indian gill-nets were in evidence.   
Wayne and Kathleen Janzen were once
again our most gracious and accomodating
hosts.  Wayne changed a set of sparkplugs
on my boat without pulling it from the
water and Kathleen kept us well supplied
with cake and dinner rolls.

They have been kind enough to donate a cabin
for two for a week next summer (based on
availability) to be given/sold in conjunction
with the Nathan Seiter Memorial Golf Outing
on August 20th.
Here's What You Have Come To See  -  FISH PICTURES
Water temperatures fluctuated in the 65-70 degree
range and the air temperatures were consistently warm
with highs up to 80 and lows only reaching the 50s at
We saw several bald eagles and osprey again this year
and had a loon for a fishing partner one night.
The sunsets are magnificent as is the natural beauty of
the area.
Kevin Geiman and Ryan Burt Took Advantage of the Walleye Run and
provided enough fish for a major fish fry.
Several of our regular fishing partners were unable to make this
trip.  Nathan Seiter was in our thoughts constantly as we fished
the various areas that he loved to fish in the past, and Bill
Hagedorn who is doctoring for cancer and pledges to return
again next year.  Ryan Shelton remained home preparing to be
wed this coming Saturday.
Shore Lunch is a time-honored
tradition and one of our favorite
times of the day.
The Spanish River as it winds it way southward
towards camp and eventually the North Channel.
This year the river was like a big lake with little
current which should bode well for the spring
spawn this year and fish populations in the future.
Each evening we are treated to a majestic sunset light show.
The perfect ending to a perfect day in camp.
Even the old coach manages to put a few
whoppers in the boat.

This was my fifteenth consecutive trip to the
Blue Heron and I hope to make fifteen more.
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