Dave Schabell
Spanish River Fishing Trip
The fourteenth annual fishing expedition to the Blue Heron Resort on the
Spanish River in Ontario, Canada was conducted from Thursday, May 20th
through Saturday, June 12th.
Bill Hagedorn and I arrived to find Canada just awakening from a stubborn
winter that was just yielding to spring.  The trees were devoid of leaves, the
grass was just turning green and the water temperatures had barely eclipsed
the 50 degree mark.
However, the fish apparently decided to get a jump on the season and we
caught fish from the very first night with our largest smallmouth bass and
biggest walleye coming on nights one and two despite the cold water and late
spring.  Bill boated a 22 inch, five pound hawg right in front of camp
(unfortunately neither of us had brought out our cameras) and I picked up a
"snag" on night two while trolling which turned out to be a five pound walleye
just before dark on Friday night.
Our first serious day trip earlier that morning had resulted in 25-30 quality
smallmouth bass coming over the side of the boat from the normal hotspots
that we have learned over the years....Saturday was more of the same with Bill
taking a 21 inch bronzeback.  Fishing slowed for the next few days with the
onset of a major cold-rain-wind front and we managed only two plus-twenty fish
days for the next seven days.  It wouldn't then be until Bill's last day in camp,
Friday, June the 4th, that we would send him out with a twenty-seven fish day.
We took more care to count our catch this year and had recorded 290 fish  
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caught during the first fifteen days of the trip, and a total of over 370 for the entire trip, which is down about forty fish
from the phenominal success that we enjoyed last year.  The weather was cool and windy for the most part and the
bugs were on a feeding frenzy during those periods when the winds would die down, but the fishing remians excellent
and is FAR SUPERIOR to anything that can be experienced here in the Commonwealth or its surrounding states.

Nathan Seiter, Ryan Shelton, and Kevin Menkedick arrived in camp on Saturday, June 5th with the "Big Dawg"
Derrick Rhoden in tow, who I had promised a week of fishing in Canada upon his graduation from high school.  For the
next five days Seiter and Shelton would outfish the rest of us about 5 (or better) to 1 using  a bait and tactic which will
remain a secret in this report.  I am a now a confirmed believer and picked up a few of the baits on the way home
during a stop a Cabelas.
We arrived back in the real world late on Saturday, June 12th already missing the sleep-eat-fish routine of the Blue
Heron Resort and already anticipate our next journey across Highway 17 and down Kring Road to a small slice of
Hawg Heaven - Bill displays a whopper
21 inch smallie and had caught a 22
incher previously BUT we left the
cameras in camp.
Here a Bald Eagle sits perched
upon a stick-up watching us
drift by.  We always see quite a
few eagles and osprey during
the early days of our trip.
Above is a scene that was repeated over
three hundred and seventy times during
our twenty-two day stay.  At left, Bill
works the shoreline and at right Ryan
Shelton, Ryan Burt and Kevin Menkedick
show off a twenty pound plus Carp they
Fishing for Walleye in the Spanish River
was excellent this year with all guests
limiting out and catching enough for their
fish frys.  This is a nice walleye we
picked up trolling right in front of camp
The size of the Canadian Black
Crappie present in "No Fish Bay"
amaze me.  This is one of only a
very few caught this year.  
Crappie fishing is sporadic at best
Nathan Seiter and Ryan Shelton are
incredible fishermen and seemed to
catch fish at will, while the rest of us
had to really work for them.  Credit their
know-how to fishing tournaments on a
weekly basis for their success.
Canada is famous for its sunsets and it seems that
each night's is more spectacular than the one
before it.  Canada provides nature at her best, with
fresh air, fresh water, fish, birds, and all sorts and
varieties of wildlife.  We even rescued a seagull
from a turtle on this trip.
The Whopper with a whopper.
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