Dave Schabell
Spanish River Fishing Trip
In what might have been our best Spanish River fishing trip ever of the
thirteen that we have made to the Blue Heron Resort in Spanish, Ontario, we
fished twenty-two consecutive days, with only minor delays or cancellations due
to weather or fishing conditions.
Below is but a sampling of the fish caught on this trip.
Beginning on May 23rd we had a full week of incredible Smallmouth Bass
fishing, before the sun came out and the bass fishing slowed down a bit and the
bass began to scatter.
On our third day, Bill Hagedorn landed a 40 inch Northern Pike, which stood as
the largest fish caught this season at the Blue Heron at that time.
Bill and I fished together from May 23rd through June 7th, when Kevin
Menkedick and Ryan Burt arrived in camp, to finish off my three weeks in
Canada for this spring.
While things had slowed down some, Ryan and Kevin managed to boat a few 19
inch smallies and Kevin nailed a 35 1/2 inch Northern on our last fishing day,
June 12th.
In addition to the big pike and smallies, we caught some massive crappie, and a
couple of four pound walleyes among the hundreds of fish caught.
Already we are looking forward to our 2004 trip, but it will have to go some to
beat the one just concluded.
Coach Schabell
Bill Displays His Trophy Northern Pike.
Since Bill Already has one this size
hanging on his wall at home, this 40
incher was released to fight another
Ryan Burt and One Of
His Many Photo Op
Kevin Menkedick Shows Off A Fine 35
1/2 inch Oak Bay Pike.  Kevin had
another fish of equal or better size blow
up on his plug the same morning.
Even the old coach catches a good one now and then.
This Monster 37 incher took a 3 inch Salt and Pepper Grub.
He too was released unharmed, as were all of the fish caught, with the exception of a few walleye.
Did I Mention That Smallie
Fishing Was Pretty Incredible?
Can You Believe the Size of this Canadian
Black Crappie???
Normally a cold water fish, we caught
Crappie like this each day of our trip.
This Four Pound Walleye, and One
Just Like It Caught By Bill On Our
Evening Troll, Will Make For Good
Table Fare Later This Summer.

Walleye are the only fish that go
into the livewell, as they are
excellent eating fish and are
pleantiful in Northern Ontario.
The Boys Partake In A Canadian Fishing Tradition,
Shore Lunch.  Ours are usually Ham Sandwiches.
Fresh Air, Pure Water, And Great Scenery All Lend To
A Successful Canadian Fishing Trip.
This Is A Part of the Serpent River Which We Fished.
Unfortunately, All Good Things Must Come To An End,
As We Returned Home From Our Trip On Friday, June 13th
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