Pickwick, USA Trip  -  Spring, 2015
Weeks of April 5th, 12th, and 19th
Week One - Solo,    Week Two - Bill and Chris Hagedorn
Week Three  -  Paul Rauch   
I arrived at Pickwick on
Easter Sunday to find
extremely low water
conditions, which caused
me problems launching
the boat and navigating
out of Grand Harbor
I left Pickwick on April
26th with the water in the
trees at 2 feet above
summer pool.
A sampling of my solo catches
on Week One.  We were
blessed with solid 14-18 inch
largemouth and 14-19 inch
smallmouth bass throughout the
trip.  It was a case of quality over
quantity.  When you caught one
it was usually a good one.  
My week one was the same week as a major shutdown at the Pulp Mill
next door.  Everything in town was packed 24/7 with all rooms for miles
accounted for.  I started out in the motel section of Little Andys, before
moving up on the hill for Weeks 2 and 3 when things returned to normal.
Chris Hagedorn (right), using
finesse tactics, outfished the
two old-schoolers in the boat
by about a 2-1 ratio.  He
caught solid fish from day
one.  Bill did his share of
damage using a variety of
Paul Rauch and I
continued to catch quality
bass throughout week
three, albeit at a more
sporadic pace.  
Wednesday and Thursday
when the water reached
flood stage, proved
especially challenging,
with the two of us going
through a 3 and 1/2 hour
span without catching a

Paul had a ball landing the
34 pound Buffalo-Carp at
right.  He was caught
legitimately in the corner of
the mouth.  Paul had me
net him, weigh him, and
photo him - Pics went on
Facebook to all his friends.
Meanwhile at Kentucky
Lake, one lake up from
Pickwick, my brother Mark
and his friends were
catching some quality fish
while battling high winds
and storms.
At left, Wally Dunlevy,
sports a largemouth, the
twin of the one I caught on
Week Two - a 21 1/2 inch,
6.1 oz Largemouth.
At right, Jeff Schwegmann,
boated this 4.8 oz
bucketmouth earlier in the

Note the bottom of the tails
of mine and Jeff's bass.   
They had just finished
And of course, no trip to Pickwick USA isn't complete without a trip to Freddy T's for some fun, food and frolicking mid-week.  
Tommy Tunes was performing several times from the Port-A-Party unit in his front yard.  

After Paul's departure I stuck around another day and took a ride to check out Wilson Dam, which is the next lake
downstream from Pickwick on the Tennessee RIver Chain in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  On the way back I caught the
weigh-in from a 170 boat FLW Bass Tournament being conducted out of J.P. Coleman State Park, on Pickwick Lake in
Mississippi.  The winner bagged 19.5 pounds (5 fish).  Any of the four of us could have fished competitively in this
tournament.  The picture above left is of me driving across the Tom-Bigbee Waterway which connects Pickwick Lake with
the Gulf of Mexico.

Overall, it was a great trip.  I caught a lot of fish on Week One, despite the low water, and the Hagedorns never wanted
for action, when we estimated that among the three of us, caught about 25-30 keeper sized fish per day - all seven days.
Things did slow down dramatically later in Week Four when the keeper per day ratio slipped to about 10.  Paul was able
to "limit out" on catfish, filling our freezer at camp, and bringing them back to Northern Kentucky where he promises a
Cat-Fish Fry.  All of our other fish were caught, photoed, and released.

I was sorry that Ryan Anderson didn't get to make the trip.  I would have liked to have had him fish with me on Week
One.  Bill Hagedorn chugged a few up (surface bait) in his absence.

I like taking silhouette shots at sundown.  This one of Chris Hagedorn fishing a Yellow Creek point came out exceptionally
well.   Chris is a 1998 Brossart grad who was a great basketball player in his own right.  He had the privilege of being
Nathan Seiter's backcourt partner, along with Curtis Bezold.  He is now married with two kids at home.
We were happy to have Chris with us.  This was his second Pickwick trip, having fished with us during maybe an even
better week back in 2010.

I've pencilled in the Weeks of April 10th, 17th, and 24th for 2016 and am already looking forward to it.  I could probably be
coerced into a fall outing if someone was up for it.   Fall tends to be a tougher condition than spring.
This is our favorite Pickwick USA eatery - R&B
Bar-B-Que.  The sign has developed a list, but
everyone knows right where it is.
I ate breakfast here for 21 straight days.
I'm sure my cholesterol count reflects it.
This 6 pound largemouth,
caught Week Two, is a
lifetime best for me.  She was
caught on a Kalin Grub.