The Player
Published Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
Nathan was on of the most unique individuals I have ever
known - wise and talented beyond his years, he possessed a
superiority complex and never played a competitive sport
where he didn't deem himself the best player on the court or
field of play.  He wasn't arrogant or conceited - his
assessment was usually accurate.

He never bragged of his accomplishments.  Richie Young,
his first fishing partner in the Kincaid Bassmasters (the
largest bass club in the state) reports that in the five years
that he knew Nathan he has only recently begun to learn of
his exploits on the hardwood.

He wasn't "just a player" - he was a performer and every
game was showtime, the court was his stage.  He thrilled the
home folks and wowed his opponents.

As a youngster he was a wonderkind - one of the three best
grade school players I have ever seen play the game.  Nathan,
Dickey Beal, and Tony Sandfoss were the absolute best.

Despite his individual talents, he was always a team player.
First year Mustang head coach Willie Schlarman (after
having him remove his do-rag and move his car from the "No
Parking" spot in front of the gym) asked him to lead the
97-98 Mustangs by giving up a little of what he was and could
be as a standout individual scorer, by making the players
around him and our team better together by incorporating the
other talented guys on the team into the offensive scheme.

Nathan bought in and the results were that his '98 Mustangs
won 28 games that season, becoming  the winningest team in the history of our program, capturing the
Mason County Invitational Tournament and 38th District Championships, falling only to Fleming County
(who went to the State Semi-Finals) in the 10th Region Championship Game.

In addition to Nathan's many offense associated records he also holds school record for Most Assists in a
Game (18 - which is a former State record) and Most Assists in a season (198).

Basketball wasn't his only sport.  He also excelled on the baseball diamond.  He led his 1998 Baseball
Mustangs to the District Championship and nearly single-handedly beat Montgomery County in the first
round of the Regional Tournament at Campbell County High School on the day of his graduation party.  
Those of us who left the party to go to the game saw him put on quite a show.  He pitched seven shutout
innings and hit a home run.

During the off-season he played with a "select" team that traveled all over the country at venues which
included the Houston Astrodome and many of the finer college ballparks throughout the south.

In recent years he was relegated to playing pick up basketball games at St. Joes on Thursday nights,
where Bill Reinhardt reports not being prepared for how good he was, even though most of the
participants were "pretty good" ballplayers.

Bill himself had played baskeball in almost every league in Cincinnati and Northern Kentcuky, he could
not recall a player at Nathan's size who could score like him.  Nathan was a complete player!  He could
shoot the three, but was just as good around the basket.  Reinhardt said that it was almost comical
watching the "grey beards" trying to guard him.  
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Nathan Seiter
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