Final Thoughts
Published Tuesday, December 7th
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This has indeed been a tough and tragic week for all of us.

Yesterday morning, after six days of mourning, Nathan Seiter, everyone's "Favorite Son" was buried in
the Sts. Peter and Paul Church cemetery, in the shadow of the school where he made his reputation as
one of the finest young players to ever emerge from the Junior High ranks.  We said Nate would once
again play to a full-house at his visitation on Sunday night and did he ever. Is Anyone Surprised???  
Undertaker Ken Cooper stated that the Nathan Seiter Visitation was probably the largest single day
funeral event, EVER conducted in Campell County!!!

How popular and loved was Nathan Seiter, and is the Seiter Family???  The crowd was estimated at over
3,000.   Many stood in line for up to three hours to say their final goodbyes and visit with the family.

Thanks to all who contributed to our gym transformation Sunday morning and provided for a dignified
tribute to our most famous, and obviously most popular Mustang.    Thanks also to those who have sent
flowers and memorials in his memory, they were beautiful and will perpetuate his memory.       

Fr. Joe Boschert, the Brossart Select Choir, the greeters and readers all did a great job at the funeral
mass on Monday morning.  Nathan's cousin Chris Allen delivered one of the most heartfelt,
comprehensive, and difficult eulogy/tributes to Nathan that I have ever heard.  He spoke for everyone
in recapping just what Nathan Seiter meant to all of us, and the scope and range of his impact on the
many, many, people whose lives he's touched over 24 short years.  I'm sure that Nate squirmed when
unable to fight back when he was tagged - You're It!!!!

A wonderful get-together was held in the Parish-center at Sts. Peter and Paul School in celebration of
his life, where Nathan's retired Number 11 jersey proudly overlooked the assembly.  

David and Irmgard, Justin, Jessica, Brad, Kim and all of the Seiter extended family which to thank
everyone for their support and prayers through this oh-so-difficult time.  
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Nathan Seiter
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