Delivered By His Cousin Chris Allen at
the Funeral Mass On Monday, December
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Dear Nathan,

First things first. Just a little heads up, my mom said that you were in big trouble next time
she sees you because you thought she was older than Aunt Irmgard.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for all of the sunshine you've given us over the last five
days. I guess you are as good a weather man as you were at everything else.

I heard a quote on T.V. the other day that said, "Life has to end, but love doesn't". Well
Nate, unless you were fishing all day yesterday, and you didn't get a chance to look down
here, your earthly life may have ended, but the love that everyone down here has for you
isn't going anywhere. You never have ceased to amaze me and yesterday was no different.
Only you could bring all of those people together at one place for a common purpose.

Henry Ford once said, "You don't earn a reputation based on what you are going to do.".
Well Nate, I think you have proven him right. All the stories and messages on the message
board, you earned your reputation. Whether it was being the best athlete, the favorite
teammate, a best friend, or just a great man you worked hard for and earned your
reputation. You accomplished so much in your 24 years here with us.

You had great family and friends, a good job, you had found the love of your life in Kim,
you were living your dream as a prize fisherman, and most of all you lived your life to the
fullest. You were never too good to help whoever needed it. That's saying a lot to me
considering how good you were at everything.

Nate, I know I never got the chance to tell you this, but as much of a hero as you are to the
younger kids in the area, you were that much of a hero and an inspiration to me growing up.
I loved to hear how well you were doing. I never wanted to be "like Mike" growing up, I
always wanted to be like Nathan Seiter.  Everytime I put on my basketball shoes or my
baseball glove, I was hoping maybe that day would be the day that I could be like you. You
were my hero Nate, and for myself and many many others you will always be a measuring
stick on the court and in life.

They say Nate, that if it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger. I know that you were
a firm believer in this saying. And now the Seiter family, Dickerson family, and the Brossart
family are all going to have to come together and be stronger. But that's how you would
want it. The hole that we have in our heart's for you will never go away, but hopefully we
can surround that hole with enough love that one day some of the pain may ease. I know
right now it looks as if we have lost you; a son, a grandson, a cousin, a friend, and a great
young man. But Nathan, I know we haven't lost anything, we all have just gained a guardian

Growing up Nathan, Justin, and I played a lot of games. One of our favorites when I would
stay the night with them was a game called sock tag. We would create three bases and have
to get from base to base without getting hit with this rolled up ball of socks. Well even
though Nathan and I were the same age he was a little faster than me and Justin was a
couple years younger than us, so Nathan was usually not it. Well Nathan, until next time I
see you buddy, (Walking To The Casket With a Sock Ball)  Tag - Your it!!

I love you man and I will always be proud to be referred to as Nathan Seiter's cousin!!

Chris Allen
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Nathan Seiter
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