I had the privilege of being his friend and of witnessing his basketball career from Sts. Peter and Paul through Brossart
through NKU.  He provided me with countless hours of entertainment and much pride, be it watching him perform on the
hardwood, run down a flyball in centerfield, or bringing  a bass to the boat against it's will.

We fished together locally and in Canada and it was not unusual for him to drop into my apartment unannounced at any
hour of the day or night.

Even though we were decades apart in age we had a common bond - a love of the great outdoors and the Brossart
Mustangs Basketball program.

I always called him "Nathan Incredible" because he was just that, both as a player and a person.

I love you man, and will miss you and the good times we shared something fierce........................

                                                                                  Coach Schabell
The Seiters are in our prayers.

The Coopers
I looked up to Nathan Seiter as a young basketball player and saw him as a Brossart Basketball legend. My prayers are
with the Seiter's and the Bishop Brossart family.
                                                                            Nathan Eten
Although I was not close to Nathan, I had talked to him on several occasions because of my friendship with Brad, this
tragedy is very sour, and my thoughts and prayers will remain with Nathan and the entire Seiter family.             
We will keep the Seiter's in our thoughts and prayers. Nate was a great guy who everyone could look up to. He made
tons of guys want to wear green and white and do battle for Brossart.
                                                                                                          Jeff Clark

We love you and miss you more than you could imagine. From the times I looked up to you as a young kid wanting
to play basketball like Nathan Seiter, to the times we went fishing and hunting, Im never gonna forget any of them.
You were an inspiration to many people and touched many lives. Until we meet again bud, take care and we love you.

                                                                                 Joey Seiter
I always looked up tp Nathan as an 8th grader and wanted to be just like him, although I never played basketball
when i got into highschool. I talked to Nathan a lot and he was one of the most inspiring people that i have ever met.
He will be missed greatly and never be forgotten.

Stay strong brad, just think of your brother when your in bad times and keep on moving.
We are all praying for Nathan and his family.
Even thought i didnt talk to Nathan that much me and Brad were friends.  Just 2 weeks ago I remember I was at the
Seiter's house and watched the bengals game with Nathan and Brad.

Now he is gone but he will never be forgotten.
God look over the Seiter Family

If the # 22 is not already retired what is the process???
And paint the # 22 on the floor
Nathan Seiter - When you say that name you should think of someone who molded all of Brossart Athletics into what
it is today. He was an icon and an over-achiever who just about everyone looked up to. I know Nathan is either
fishing, hunting, shooting hoops, or swinging a bat right now.

Nathan, I was honored to be along for the ride. God Bless Nathan and God Bless his family.

Your friend,
Jeff Clark
Nathan was a great guy and a lot of fun to be around.
We'll be sure to keep the Seiter's in our prayers.
Best of Wishes to Brad and the rest of the family.
The Seiter family will be in our prayers also.
God bless Nathan

                                  The Don Mutsch Family
Nate Dogg you will be missed greatly but never forgotten.
Brossart basketball is what it is today because of 22.
Thanks for all the memories on and off the court.
Nate we will miss you greatly. You have not only been an inspiration to this basketball program but also to me. I
was always in shock watching you play because you could shoot the ball so well.
We love you and miss you.
My prayers are with Nathan and the entire Seiter family.

                                           Nathan Mutsch #34
What a Shock to our Community...
Unfortunaly Tragedy is becoming routine in the Brossart Community This year...
The Seiter's to me are a very well respected family , Both Seiter parents never forget to say hello when i walk past
them and Brad is just a great kid that i've loved to goto high school with. Recently me and Brad joked about the
Seiter Junoir year Curse at Green-White Night.
The Loss of Nathan is irrecovable for anyone close to him, his family,co-workers, fans and friends.
My Greatest Sympathys to Bradley and his Family....
Continue the Seiter Legacy Brad... Nate is still watching over you....

Jake Stegal
It is incomprehensible that one of our "family members" will no longer grace the grounds of Brossart. For whatever
reason, God decided that it was time for Nathan to leave this earth and spend eternity with Him. Nathan touched
many lives and will forever be remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. It is his family who now
needs the support of our community. There are no answers; at least not while we are on this planet. May God
comfort the Seiter family and help them continue along this journey of life. We must all believe that God has His
plan, no matter how painful it may be to those of us who don't quite understand why things like this must happen.
Us mortals feel the sorrow and pain; Nathan however is now in eternal peace and happiness.
Nathan Seiter was one of the nicest guys you would've ever meet. He always gave a friendly "hello" when you saw
him and he was a great guy to talk to. Im glad i got the chance to get to know him and be around him some of the
time. The Seiter's will be in our prayers during this rough time and hopefully God can help them get through it.

I think that is a good idea to put his number "22" on floor where Nate was so great.
Nathan was one of the greatest people I have met.
I have been best friends with Brad for about 4 or 5 years now so I saw and talked to Nathan a lot.
Nathan always had a smile on his face and wanted everyone around him to have one too.
Not only was he the best athlete to ever come out of Brossart, he was one of the best people too.
Everyone pray for Dave, Irmgard, Justin, Jess, and Brad.
You'll always be missed Nathan.

                                               Jimmy Uebel
Nathan was a great guy.
I didnt know him all that well but everyone knew of him. He was NATHAN SEITER..great at sport and great at life.
I know we will all miss him.My prayers are with the entire Seiter family.

                                      Maria Bosse
NOTE:  Most of the above tributes were posted on the BMustangs Discussion Board On Tuesday.
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First of all, my condolences to the Seiter family. I was there when Nathan broke the Bluejay Classic record by
scoring 46 points against St. Mary, I was there when Nathan hit the shot that put Brossart basketball on the map
against CovCath. I remember my oldest son Brady who was 6  yrs old at the time being there with me and for the
next 3 years everytime we shot basketball or played with the "little tikes" basket- HE WAS ALWAYS NATHAN
SEITER. We probably went to 15 games that year because of one reason and one reason only-NATHAN SEITER.
While coaching at Brossart I always loved to have Nathan around and give his opinion. I know Brady and Brandon
loved to be at practice and have Nathan show up. He honestly would take it upon himself to talk to them and help
them with their shooting. Whenever I took them to practice the first thing they would ask is if NATHAN was going
to be there. Of course he would always challenge them to a game of "horse". I would warn them and tell them "If
there is one guy on this planet that you dont want to play horse against its NATHAN SEITER".  Of course Nate
would just drill shot after shot after shot.

I remember NATHAN as such a hard working kid. He loved and respected his parents very much. I guarantee you on
that night at the fieldhouse when Justins shot went in the only person who jumped higher than Justin or Coach
Schlarman was NATHAN. I wish I would have had the opportunity to coach all the Seiter boys. I know coaching
Brad was an honor and privledge.

My heart aches for Dave, Irmgard, Justin, Brad, Jessica, the rest of the Seiter family as well as the Brossart Family.
You are in my prayers!

Kevin Gray
We are so sorry to hear about Nathan's death.........what a shock for his family and all of you that were so close to
him. He was always so polite when we met on the dock etc.
The world has lost one of the good guys.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you thru this terrible time of loss.

                                          Wayne and Kathleen Janzen
                                          Blue Heron Resort
                                          Spanish, Ontario, Canada
Though I didn't know Nathan I do know the pain of the loss of a child. You have my deepest sympathies and I am
so sorry for your loss.  Nathan will always be remembered by his friends and family and keeping his memory alive
will mean everything to you down the road.
These pages will help you know how much people do care.
Once again, I am so sorry.

Glenna Janszen
I just wanted to pass along a note for one of the players I coached, but also learned a great deal from.

From the first time Coach Schabell took me to see Nathan play and introduced me to a fine young man, until the last
game of his junior season ( a gutsy year as he missed games due to a broken ankle in the green/white game and
came back and played even while in a great deal of pain) I truly was amazed at his maturity and composure not only
as a
player but as a human being.

Nathan was always one you could count on to give his "opinion" and new that he was sincere.  He will be
remembered not just as a basketball player but as a person who always gave it his all and always wanted those
around him to be successful.  What a great lesson he taught others.....how to make those around him better.

Bob Seiter Jr.
Former Head Coach of the Brossart Mustangs
Several years ago of group old basketball players started playing pick up ball at St. Joes on Thursday nights.  Two
years ago some of the recent Brossart grads started coming to play ball with us "old guys".  It was then that I first
met Nathan.

Most of us playing were pretty good players and most of us had seen Nathan play, but we really weren't prepared
for how good a player he  really was.  I have played basketball in almost every league in Cincinnati and Northern
Kentucky, and I cannot recall a player at Nathan's size who could score like him.  Nathan was a complete player!  
Nathan could shoot the three, but he was just as good around the basket.  It was almost comical watching us "grey
beards" trying to guard him.

Nathan probably played with us ten or fifteen times during the last couple of years.  He was always gracious and
thankful for allowing him to play.  I hope he knew that we were always glad when he showed up to play.  I
especially liked when I got to be on his team.  Nathan had a great understanding of how basketball is supposed to be
played.  Plus if you were on his team, you were probably going to keep winning and thus get a great workout.

My heart goes out to Nathan's family.  Nathan was a fine young man and an inspirational basketball player.  God
bless him!!

Bill Reinhart
My prayers are with Nathan and everyone in the Seiter family.  Nathan was a great guy and fun to be around.  You
could always expect to see him at the basketball games with a smile on his face and a friendly hello.
God Bless Nathan and the rest of the Seiters.        

                                                          Ashley Weckbach
I was fortunate enough to play one season with Nathan when I was a senior and him coming in as a freshman.  It
was a privilege to share the backcourt for just one season with Nathan.  From the moment he walked into the gym
over the summer till the time the last buzzer rang that season at Scott High School, he made me and everyone around
him better.  Lets face it, no one wanted to let a freshman show you up, but that would turn out to be impossible.  I
remember going to the summer camp at Transy and him playing up with our Varsity team and fitting right in on the
floor and not even thinking about being intimidated and playing like a veteran.  From that point to the point later that
season at Beechwood, trying to clinch our conference championship.  Nathan went to the line late in the game to seal
the victory and he stepped up and knocked down both free throws for the win.  We were one of the surprise teams in
the 9th region that year and a lot of that had to do with Nathan being on the floor.  Nathan and the entire Brossart
Basketball program never looked back.

On behalf of me and the other members on that 95 basketball team, Nathan,  we thank you for making us better
players and individuals.  Our prayers are with you and your family.     

Rodney Sendelbach
You are a hero, a legend, not only to me but to the school of Brossart.  You always had something to you that stood
out to me.  I always thought to myself, if I can be like you I can do anything.  Knowing you for the time I did was
incredible.  I know now that your in a better place, RIP and God be with the Seiter's family.
     Adam Keith
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I knew Nathan through my friendship with Brad. I never got the chance to actually sit down and talk with him but
whenever I came over he would be there. Through his accomplishments, he will always be remembered in Brossart
basketball history, but he will also be remembered through his character and honesty. He was a great guy and an even
better role model. The Seiter family is in our prayers. Keep the tradition alive Brad and we're all here for ya.

Zach Janszen
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