Tragic news swept our community late last night with the word of Mitch Orth's sudden death,
leaving all of us who knew and loved him in stunned shock.

I can't bring myself to play sad, morose music, that just wasn't Mitch Orth, and I can hear him
in the back of my head saying, "Schabs, what's that ____ you've got on your website?" if I

He was a regular visitor to this site who followed the exploits of our Mustangs on a daily basis.
While tragic and incredibly sad, this is one case where I really think we need to celebrate
Mitch's life while mourning his passing.   He had just celebrated his 25th birthday on February

Coach Mike Code used the term "beloved" and I cannot think of a more appropriate term.
Mitch was everyone's friend, another who never met a stranger, a guy who was looking for
the next funny story or good time around the next bend.

Mitch had spent Wednesday night partying with his 7th Grade basketball team, and was just as at
home with them as he was with his adult buddies.  He was already looking forward to the
upcoming Reds opening day.  When we were together at Barleycorns this past Monday, he called
it the best 24 hours of the year, Wrestlemania the night before, the Reds game the next
afternoon, and the NCAA National Championship later that night.  Mitch was Goodtime Charlie,
and he enjoyed life to the fullest.  Mitch Orth had 862 Facebook friends.  Comments and tributes
have been being placed on his "wall" throughout the night.  Mitch was a very, very, popular guy.

He truly enjoyed his high school years at Brossart.  He was a warrior on the baseball field and in
the gym.  Not blessed with great athletic ability, he made up for it with a great work ethic,
tremendous determination, exhaustive hustle, and burning desire.  Nobody ever described Mitch
Orth as soft.  He always led the team in charges taken and considered them personal conquests.

Mitch had the perfect temprament to be a successful coach.  He knew what he had, did the best
to maximize their chances for success, reveled in their victories and never got too down over
their setbacks.  He always managed to see the humor in bad situations.  I am so happy that his
St. Mary's 7th Grade Saints presented him with the diocesan championship in 2008, the first for
the school since his dad had won one twenty years prior.

We offer our sincere condolences to Mitch's mom, Julie.  I can't begin to fathom the
immeasurable pain that she feels tonight, and to his dad, Dave, who always takes tremendous
pride in his son's achievements and accomplishments.  Our sympathies go out to Rick Williams
and all of the folks at the St. Mary's Boosters and at M&W Excavation who had the privilege of
working side by side with him on a daily basis.

He will truly be missed.

Dave Schabell
Our Community
Wakes Up To Face The
Reality Of Mitch
Orth's Passing