Our Coach.

Mitch, there are many coaches that come
and go in our lives, but you were very special.
Surely each one of us will remember you
for a different reason.

Perhaps it was for the suicide sprints you made us run,
taking us out of the game if we were not giving 100%,
watching you make your half court shots and laughing,
taking us to a tournament game in your Bengal bus or
your smile that you gave after a loss and saying
"keep your heads up, you played a good game."

Even though we didn't win every game,
you taught us discipline, fairness, how to play hard and
to never give up, but especially to always have fun.
You have made a major impact on our lives that will
affect us through our high school years and for
many years to come.

You were a unique coach and a person that
really cared about each and every one of us.
You will always be in our memories and in our prayers.
Your death is a terrible loss to us.
You were our friend and our mentor.
Having known you is our biggest win!

We will miss you!

Your St. Mary Boys
Tribute To Our Coach, Mitch Orth
From Your St. Mary 7th Grade Saints