To the family of Lindsey,

You are all in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Lindsey was a very beautiful person and I will miss her
greatly as will everyone who knew her. All I have from lindsey, are great memories. There wasn't a time where she
wasnt smiling; a very optimistic young woman. When Lindsey and I went to prom together in 2001, it was nothing
short of being the absolute best, and that was because of her. be assured, Lindsey left a huge impact on anyone who
she came in contact with and part of that reason is because she has a wonderful family... Just know that Lindsay,
along with my cousin Nathan will always be with us no matter what.

Once again, my prayers are with Lindsey and to you, the family.

Joe Seiter '02

***Thank you Lindsey***
I'll Miss You
This is another tough day for all of the Brossart family. It was my honor to have taught this young lady during 3 of
her 4 years at BBHS. On the last day of this school year I reread a letter Lindsey had written me thanking me for
being her teacher. She was such a special young lady--great student, athlete, but above all else, a great person. I saw
her and Curt at Willie's wedding reception and was so proud of each of them!!! Times like these are bearable only
because of the faith we have and the grace bestowed on us by our Heavenly Father. I usually don't write messages
like this, but when I read Joe Seiter's I couldn't help myself. Lindsey, your constant smile is more radiant than
ever---you've gone home earlier than we hoped---but you'll always be in our hearts!!!!This year each time I put on the
yellow hard hat to do a demo in physics I know I'll see your face and its smile in my minds eye. To your family and
Curtis I can only offer that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


                                                                                    The Old Kloppster
I am so saddened by the news of Lindsey. Although it has been two years since our daughters graduated from
BBHS, I can still hear Lindsey being our head cheerleader for the softball team. She was always the one to start
cheering the girls on when they were up to bat. She brought so much enthusiasm and spirit to the team. I know
Chrisite and the rest of Class 2003 will greatly miss her. God bless her family, especially Wanda and Lou, who are
such wonderful and dedicated parents to their children.

                                                                              Becky Hogle
I can always remember Lindsey as someone who knew how to cheer someone up. She was always laughing and
doing goofy things. She is a great friend and we shared some good times togehter. It's sad that this all had to happen
like this, but God picked this time for her. She is home now and hopefully looking down on us. Lindsey will be
greatly missed and she will always be remembered.

All of Linsday's family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Erin Aviles
Although I couldn't consider myself a close friend of Lindsey's and I'm not very good with words, I wanted to take
a few minutes to address the very sad news that yesterday brought. I have had the privilege of knowing the
Sendelbach family since I was a little girl. My dad and Louie played softball together for years at St. Joe's and it
was a family tradition to go down and watch the games together. I'm sure that I played in the dirt more than once
with Nicki and Lindsey both. Nicki and I graduated from Brossart together in 2000, and all 93 of us were an
extended family--living in Campbell County tends to do that! And even more recently, I was welcomed into the
family for holiday parties as Andy's girlfriend. There was noone more positive and upbeat than Lindsey, noone more
welcoming than Louie and Wanda.

I am proud to say that I've known Lindsey for years and that I got to know her a little better this past year. My
prayers are with the entire Sendelbach and Hartig families, as well as the Schultz and Studer families. I'm thankful
for the time I got to spend with Lindsey, I only wish it could have been longer...

Bridget Ruschman
It hurts so much to think that I wont have any new memories with Lindsey, but I can't think of any one else who
left so many great ones. Someone said 'words couldn't describe' Lindsey. How true this is. Lindsey was more than
extraordinary. She was one I am so proud I have always looked up to. Knowing Lindsey only made me a better
person; Lindsey made anyone she crossed paths with a better person. She was so loved, by family, and friends.
I love you Sindsey Lendelbach!
God Bless Linds, her family, and Curtis.
All my prayers are with you.

With the deepest sympathy and much love,
It's so sad to see someone as great as Lindsey be taken so early. Every time i saw her she was smiling, and always
trying to make peace. I'll always remember sitting in my basement with Lindsey and my sister, while Lindsey would
pick names from the phone book and prank people. We would laugh for hours listening to her. She was a great
person and loved by everyone. Her family will be in our prayers. Lindsey you'll never be forgotten. RIP

Curtis stay strong.

Heaven just got a new angel.

Deepest sympathy,
Kenny Sanker
Words can never express the deep loss of one of the most genuine, loving and respected young people that I have
ever had the priviledge of knowing and working with. Reflecting back on Lindsey the thing you remember most is
Lindsey the great person not just as Lindsey the athlete or softball player. Those of us who were fortunate enough
to have known her feel a tremendous loss that can never be replaced. My deep true thoughts go out to her wonderul
family and Curtis.

                         Mel Webster
I met Lindsey playing softball during high school. She always was able to get the girls cheering and having a good
time no matter what the score was. We always had tons of fun on our trips and outside of softball and school she
was someone that was always smiling, laughing, and having a good time. It's unbelievable that someone like her has
been taken so soon. To the Sendelbachs, Curtis, and all the friends of Lindsey my prayers are with you and I thank
you Lindsey for all the great memories I had because of you. God Bless.

No 14's Number One Fan
October 5, 1984
July 13, 2005
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I played softball with Lindsey back in middle school. We had so many great memories together.. We went our
seperate ways to high school and she played for brossart and I played for Campbell County. I always enjoyed those
games because afterwards we would have a few laughs. Lindsey is a great person and she will be missed so
much.She will not be forgotten.. My prayers go out to her family and friends..  

I love you Wanda and Lou..You guys are the greatest!!

Love always,
Lindsey was one of those people that once she walked into a room, everyone noticed her.  Her personality brightened
up the room and her smile was contagious.  She cared for people so much.  She was the first one to come up and
say hi and ask how you were doing, even if you hadn’t seen her in awhile.  I remember watching her and my
brother practice the “dance� in our basement and just cracking up listening to not only the choice of music they
had but how perfect she had choreographed everything.  She was not only a great friend to my brother but my friend
also.  Looking back I see how a part of my life she had been and know how much she is going to be missed.  My
prayers go out to her family, friends and Curtis.  God has a plan.  I guess he just needed Lindsey up there with him to
help run things for us down here.  The world lost a great person and she will never be replaced.

Megan Orth
We were fortunate to get to know Lindsey and her family through Rodney, whom we all love.  I always thought to
myself how Lindsey had such a glow about her, always smiling with such a kind disposition.  She always went out
of her way to say hi no matter where you were.  I believe now that there are truly angels on earth and Lindsey was
such a special one.

With such a glow she gave so much happiness to everyone around her.  It is hard to understand why she was taken
so early but as they say, only the good die young!  God has special plans for her!

God Bless the Sendelbach family, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Jim & Connie Stadtmiller & Family
Lindsey Sendelbach, 20, of Camp Springs, died Wednesday, July 13th in an auto accident on Ky. 1998 in Cold
Spring. She was a graduate of Bishop Brossart High School and presently a student at Northern Kentucky
University, majoring in biology.  She worked as a patient care assistant with St. Luke Hospital West in
Florence and as a volunteer with Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center, Fort Mitchell.

Survivors include her parents, Louis and Wanda Sendelbach of Camp Springs; sisters, Shelley Rawe of
California and Nicole Sendelbach of Alexandria; a brother, Rodney Sendelbach of Bellevue;
and grandmother, Lorraine Hartig Kremer of Alexandria.

At Brossart, Lindsey played Basketball, ran Cross-Country, was a member of the National Honor Society, and
performed in the Senior Play.   She was also the Queen of the 2002 Snowball Christmas Dance.  Her greatest
notoriety came on the softball diamond where she led the Lady Stangs to a Regional Championship in 2002,
and NKAC Titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002.  Her Senior season the Lady Stangs recorded a 31-8 record.
The following year she returned to serve as an assistant coach.

She presently holds eight individual school fast-pitch softball records.
Dear Sendelbachs,
We were very sorry to hear that yet another Brossart Family Member was taken from us so soon. She was a
wonderful person, raised to be that way by an equally wonderful family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Rodney, we love you dearly.
I truly hope Lindsey enjoys fishing, because I am sure that Nathan is going to want to put in some serious lake
time. She will be well taken care of up there.

Heather and Artie Spaw.
Hi.  I have to say that I really never knew Lindsey, but I was coached by Rodney and if she was anything like
him, she had to be a great person. That says alot for her and her family. My prayers are with you and your family
Coach in this terrible and tragic time in your lives.

                                                                          Jordan Armstrong
I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Lindsey during her senior retreat, as I was one of the team members.  
I remember that towards the end of the retreat weekend when we had one of our "open mike" sessions, Lindsey
got up and read off a list of things people had said over the weekend.  She quoted Mr. Goller--I wish I could
remember what he had said, but I can't seem to recall it!  All I know is it was very funny!!  Lindsey was such an
observant individual...all the quotes she read off were so hilarious!!  Lindsey brought a sense of life and energy to
the whole experience.  My heart goes out to Rodney, her brother, and the entire Sendelbach family.  My heart
goes out to Curtis as well.  I am praying for you all and hope that you will find comfort through the support of
your family and friends.  The BBHS family is here for you all.

Shauna Hunt
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
To my beautiful family,

I met Lindsey when she was about three years old and she was a doll.  When she was five I started dating her
older sister, Shelley.  We hit it off very quickly partly because of the warm welcome of her parents and brother
and sisters.  But I can't just write about Lindsey, because it is really about all of them.  They have been such
strong supporters of my life and have help guide me through the years.  Curtis can tell you the same.  These great
people just pull you in and swarm you with love.  The Sendelbachs are my family.  Curtis is like a little brother.  
We grew up riding my three wheeler and walking twelve mile creek together.  Even though we were 10 years
apart I always knew what a great kid he was.  As you all know, Lindsey thought the world of him.

Shelley and I will have been together for fifteen years this winter.  I do not feel like a brother-in-law or son-in-law
but, a family member.  They love our children and now show the same love and support for them.  My oldest
daughter, Madeline; who is only seven, really described it best.  She jumped up on Friday night in front of
everyone to tell us all what she thought of Lindsey.  She said, "Lindsey is a beautiful person..."  I can't think of a
better way to remember her.

Lindsey could take anything and turn it into a positive.  In the many years I have known her I really can't recall
her ever getting angry.  I will always remember her sitting by the pool, tilting her head back slightly, shoulders
leaning forward, cracking a smile, and blessing us with her traditional "ha, ha, ha" laugh.  If you think about her
real hard you can see it and hear it.  She was the jokester.  Her mother, Wanda, is her mentor.  They both love a
good prank.  Wanda is more subtle and finds ways to get others to do the dirty work (exactly the reason I had red
toenails the other day).  Lindsey was a bit more direct.  But the results are always the same, a great time and a
good laugh.

To my wonderful family: Lou, Wanda, Shelley, Madeline, Jolee, Rodney, Nicole, Brian, and Curtis.  You are all
my best friends and I love you.  I hope you can focus on the good times with Lindsey because that is what I am
going to do.  I'll never forget our vacations together, our ceiling fan baseball games, or our loving hugs when we
first see each other and when it was time to say goodbye.  I know there will be many more of these good times to

With all of these words I written above I still can not adequately describe how I feel about Lindsey and her
family.  All I can say is, "Goodbye, Lindsey.  I love you and I have a big hug for you when we meet again!"

"The Other Big Brother"
   (Greg Rawe)

PS:  I love the saying "Jesus come quickly, I need you".  I never heard Lindsey say it but I learned a little more
about her when someone else shared it.  Please share more of those little things about her.  We want to hear them.
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