Brossart Family Mourns The Loss Of
Kathy Luschek
The First Lady Of Mustang Baseball
I rarely cry, but tonight I really want to cry.

Kathy Luschek, the ever present smiling face, always optimistic good humor lady, first at a meeting to
volunteer, and first on the scene to help out where needed, has succumbed to her lengthy battle with cancer.

I remember the pain that we suffered when we heard that Kathy was sick.
We all wondered how such a wonderful lady who put her heart and soul into her own family and her extended
Brossart Mustang family, worked so hard for the benefit of others, and has just seen her own family finally
raised, be given such a heavy cross to bear in the prime of her life???

Her courage was admirable.  Any time you inquired as to her health she readily told you that she had good
days and bad days...... but whenever she was at a basketball game or serving as concessionaire at a baseball
game, she always seemed to be having good days, regardless of how bad she felt.
On the surface every day with Kathy was sunny and bright and she was always "holding her own."

Kathy was the godmother of the Mustangs Baseball Teams.  While supportive of all Mustangs athletics, her
first love was Coach Bob Rowe's Baseball Program.  She was an irreplaceable force in its inner-workings.  
She was at her best organizing, canvassing for, and administrating the Annual SuperBowl Party, the baseball
team's primary fundraiser.  During the season she was an army of one, opening, stocking, and manning the
concession stand.  Many nights Kathy and John Luschek were the last to leave the ballpark.  She always
seemed to have a few hotdogs left over and particularly enjoyed chatting with the kids and coaches who came
to look forward to devouring them as she was wrapping up her day's work in the stand.

It is totally fitting that the last days she performed her duties in the concession stand at St. Mary Ballfield
was on the occasion of our hosting the 38th District Tournament last spring, our baseball program's showcase
event.  It was then that we had the largest crowds and did the most business ever at that venue.

I had the privilege of watching her son Joe (Bruder) play his basketball career in Mustang green and of
coaching Rob, who she referred to as "the caboose."  Rob was part of the 2000 Miracle Mustangs that won
the 10th Region Tournament and played into the quarterfinals of the State Tournament at Rupp Arena.  
Again, there was Kathy, at the forefront of organizational activities in the hectic days prior to our trip to
Rupp, be it preparing and serving us a meal or creating bus signs thanking our sponsors.  No job was ever too
big for Kathy Luschek.  She enjoyed out of town overnighters and particularly the Mustangs' trip to
Owensboro over the Christmas holidays in 2000 when the parents stayed at the Executive Inn.
Kathy would have made a great Events Director on a cruise ship.

It truly will not be the same without Kathy's happy face and cheerful disposition at baseball games this
spring.  She was so much a part of the landscape. The concession stand which was her personal domain will
now probably be staffed on a rotational basis by volunteers, but each time we oldtimers sidle up for a pop or
hotdog, we will always visualize Kathy Luschek across the counter serving us.

To her husband John who uncomplainingly served as the "man behind the woman" and has been a rock of
strength thoughout her ordeal, and her sons Joe and Brian Bruder, and John and Rob Luschek who are
probably the only ones who really know what Kathy was actually going through, we offer our heartfelt
condolences and reassure you that your wife and mother was sincerely appreciated  by those whose lives she
touched and will never, ever, be forgotten.

Thank you sooo much for sharing her with us.

Coach Schabell