2012  -  2013
Final Junior Varsity
Team Stats
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The 2012-13 Brossart Mustangs JV team
finished the season with a respectable 11-6
mark including a signature win over
Lexington Catholic.
Without a true point guard on its roster, this
unit was asked to improvise, adapt and
overcome, and were up to the task,
providing guys like Blake Saunders, Spencer
Hackworth, and Justin Heil invaluable
experience for the future.
Jon Zink and Spencer Hackworth battled
for leading scoring honors, with Zink getting
the nose-bob, outscoring his sophomore
counterpart 127-124, with Ted MacDonald
just a few points back at 119 in a
well-balanced scoring attack.  Clay Kramer
was the other 100 points scorer, checking in
with 102 points on the campaign.
Austin Shannon edged Blake Saunders ever so narrowly (58.0% to 57.7%) to lead the
team in shots from the field.  Spencer Hackworth hit 33% of his attempts from
beyond the arc and connected on 17 of 21 free-throw attempts for a team-leading 81%
This year's JV Chairman of the Boards was Austin Shannon, who pulled down 92
rebounds on the season.  Clay Kramer led the team in blocked shots with 15.  
Shannon had 14 rejections.  Jon Zink led the Stangs in steals with 30, while Justin Heil
led the squad in assists with 26, nosing out Hackworth and Shannon who had 25 each.
Austin Shannon wins the Charges Taken category with 6 despite playing with a broken