2009  -  2010
Final Junior Varsity
Team Stats
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The 2009-10 Final Junior Varsity Statistics
The Mustangs JVs finished a creditable season
with a 13-6 record that included earning the 37th
District's Number One seed, and sizable victories
over rivals Campbell County and Newport
Central Catholic in Coach Kenny Collopy's first
Junior Daniel Schultz emerged as the team's
go-to man, scoring 193 points for a 10.2 points
per game scoring average.  Freshman Justin
Saunders played in 11 games and netted 6.6
points per trip.
Schultz (54%) and Saunders (57%) both shot
over 50% from the field. (Matt Kramer 60% and
Ian Neises 50% were over 50% on limited shot
Dylan Dierig hit 10 of 29 from long range, leading
the team in the 3-Point category.  Corey Kramer
was 6-13 for 46% in limited shot chances.    
Schultz had a great year at the free-throw line leading the team with a
blistering 79% on 55 of 70.  The school varsity record is 83.3%.  Justin
Saunders (75%) and John Schack (70%) shot over 70% from the charity
John Schack and Joe Jennings tied for the Chairman of the Boards award
with 54 each, while Daniel Schultz was right there with 50.
Austin Trentman blocked the most shots (7), Daniel Schultz led the team in
thefts (43), and Schultzie doubled back leading the assists category with 30.
The team outscored their opponents by an average score of 39-29.
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