2004  -  2005
Final Junior Varsity
Team Stats
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JV 2004-05 Final Team Stats
Troy Cooper accomplished the feat of scoring 1,000 combined points
on the Freshmen, JV, and Varsity levels while still a sophomore.

He scored a total of 1,078 points through his sophomore year.

Troy scored 197 points for the Freshmen team in 2002-03 as an eighth grader
playing on the Freshmen Team.  He came back to lead the 24-2 Freshmen
team in 2003-04 with 444 points as a freshmen, where he also contributed 108
points while playing with the 20-3 Junior Varsity Team.

In his sophomore year he scored 274 points with the 23-0 JV team and 56
points with the varsity squad.

Troy is the ONLY player in Mustang history to accomplish this feat.