April 20, 1989  -  August 16, 2004
While You Didn't Play A Sport
Or Actually Wear the Uniform
You Were, And Will Continue To Be
A Major Inspiration to Those Who Do

Never Has A Mustang Fought Longer,
Harder, More Valiantly, or With More At Stake Than You Did
And No Mustang Has Ever Earned A Title or Trophy
And Achieved the Gratification That You Enjoy Today

Never Did Your Freshmen Classmates
Ever Go Into Battle On The Hardwood
Without Invoking The Word "Courage"
As Your Inspiration To Them

May You Continue To Look After Them,
Effect Their Decisions and Steer Their Shots
For The Remainder of Their Careers
Played In Your Memory

May Your "Love Live On And Never Leave" as you
"Watch Over Us - From Up Above"
And Continue To Be "Still An Inspiration"
To Those Of Us Who Remain
"A Breath Away To Where You Are"
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