2012  -  2013
Final Freshmen Team Stats
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2012-13 Freshmen Statistics Sheet
Coach Mike Schack in his 9th season as the Brossart Mustangs
freshmen coach, along with fourth year assistant Adam Franzen did
their usual stellar job in taking players from five different feeder grade
school programs, and meshed them into a solid Brossart Mustangs
freshmen basketball team.
The Mustangs got a signature win by defeating Lexington Catholic on
51-43 on December 8th and bested Campbell County in the Crosstown
Classic 37-31.  They later beat Scott to secure the 37th District Top
Seed, which wasn't enacted this season via a vote of the Athletic
Directors.  The Mustangs drew Campbell County in the semi-finals of
the 37th District, only to have the Camels avenge the Crosstown
Classic loss and drop the curtain on the 2012-13 Freshmen Season.  
The team finished 13-12 for our fifth consecutive winning season,
which includes three district championships and a pair of regional
The 12-13 Mustang freshmen were led by Dylan Geiman (7.08ppg),
Jacob Zai (7.08ppg), Joey Hickman (7.04ppg), and Jackson Crawford
(6.64ppg).  .
In a game against Lloyd, the freshmen did not turn the ball over in the
second half.