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Installment 1  -  Willie Schlarman Named Mustangs Head Coach
Installment 2  -  Seiter's Three Beats CovCath
Mustangs Win First MCIT
Installment 3 -  Mustangs Rally For 38th District Win Over
                             Campbell Co
Installment 4  -  97-98 Mustangs Run Ends In Tenth Region
                           Championship Game
Installment 5 -  98-99 Mustangs Repeat In MCIT
Beat NCC For First Time Ever
Installment 6 -  Camels Upset 98-99 Mustangs in 38th District
Installment 7  -  99-00 Team Beats CovCath (Again)
Mustangs Fall To Nicholas County in 10th "A"
Installment 8 -  2000 Mustangs Win 10th Region Tournament
Installment 9  -  Looking Forward To Rupp and the Sweet 16
Installment 10 -  Mustangs Play Giant Killer - Beat Graves County
                           in Rupp - Advance to Elite Eight
Installment 11  -  More Mustangs Surprise Graves County
Installment 12  -  Mustangs Fall To Russellville In State Elite Eight
Installment 13  -  Rupp Experiences In Review
Team Picture and Accomplishments Banner
Installment 14  -  00-01 Stangs Take On NCC in Cintas Center
Go 2-1 In Owensboro Invitational Tournament
Installment 15 -  11-7 Mustangs Beat 17-0 Silver Grove in "A" Finals
                               Win 10th Region "A" Championship
Fall to Allen-Central in "A" State
Installment 16 - Campbell County Rallies To Beat Stangs in
                         38th District Finals
Mustangs Advance to Final Four of 10th Region
                      Tournament With Come From Behind Win Over
                              Paris - Fall to Mason County In Semis
Installment 17  -  Number One CovCath Survives 01-02 Stangs in Cintas
Mustangs Fall To Campbell In OT In Crosstown
                         Stangs Rout NCC on Hill On Ronnie Night
Installment 18 - 02-03 Mustangs Wallop Campbell County 65-47
                                In Start of Win Streak over Camels In Crosstown
Beat Purcell-Marion and Upset Clark County
Installment 19  -  03 Mustangs Win 10th "A" - Return to "A" State
Beat Owen County  -   Fall To Frankfort
Installment 20  -  03 Stangs Cause Mason Co Some Anxious Moments
Beat NCC 2nd Straight Year
                       Upset Simon Kenton Pioneers
Installment 21 - 03 Stangs Win 38th District - Beat Pendleton 59-51
Beat Harrison County 69-36 in 10th Tourney
                     Stymied By Andrew Preston and Clark Co in Semis
Installment 22 - 03-04 Stangs Beat Holmes In OT
Topple Camels For Third Straight Crosstown
                     Elder Noses Out Stangs In Cintas
Mustangs Fell CovCath At Home (Again)
Installment 23 - Pendleton County Serves Notice to Stangs -
                        Upset them in Semi-Finals of 2004 MCIT
Stangs Win 10th "A" - Beat Somerset/UHA/NCC but
                        Fall To Hazard in "A" Championship Game
Installment 24 - Mason County Beats 03-04 Stangs With Pitino
                        Looking On in Middle School
Stangs Top Owensboro In Rupp Classic At LexCath
                     Are Shocked By Bracken County in 38th District
Seven Year Schlarman Glory Ride Comes To An End