Bob Rowe leaves Brossart as the winningest baseball coach in our school’s history with a 206-160 mark,
two regional runner-up finishes and every 10th Region All “Aâ€� Championship ever contested (5).  He
has coached the Junior and Senior Kentucky All-Stars, and was named the Kentucky Association of Baseball
Coaches 10th Region Coach of the Year in both 2007 and 2008.
His fondest basketball memories are of winning the 2000 10th Region Championship and beating Graves
County in Rupp Arena, as well as winning the 2007 All “Aâ€� State Championship.  He is surely our
schools winningest Junior Varsity basketball coach having served in that capacity for twelve seasons.  His
2005 JV Mustangs recorded an undefeated 23-0 season and his composite record from 2003 though 2005
was a combined 63-6.  His JV Mustangs won an unprecedented four consecutive district championships
from 2003 through 2006 and three straight MCIT Championships during that same period.  Curtis Bezold
has been named to serve as our Junior Varsity basketball coach succeeding Coach Rowe.  He has big shoes
to fill.
Perhaps the greatest challenge that Bob Rowe will face in his new role at Covington Catholic will be in
abstaining from the camaraderie and intensity of athletic competition.  It’s been very much in his blood
all of his life and it won’t go quietly into the night.
Above and beyond all of his accomplishments and accolades, Bob Rowe is our friend – much more like a
brother than an associate, and I think I speak for all of us in saying that we have lost a key member of our
family, one who has made a major impact on our lives and from who we have all learned much.
We wish Bobby the very best in his new career at Covington Catholic High School, where we know that he
will be successful, but hope that someday, somehow, we will again see him back here on the Avenue of
You will be indeed, sorely missed!

Dave Schabell   6-18-08
“He will be sorely missed�
Those are the words being echoed around the Brossart community as word of the reality of Bob Rowe’s
assuming the duties of principal of Covington Catholic High School began sweeping our community
throughout the day on Wednesday.
While I fished for thirty-two days in Canada in quest of trophies, I think the big one might have gotten away
this week right here closer to home.
Many among our Brossart family certainly feel a void tonight.
The man has touched many lives since 1996 when he assumed our Junior
Varsity basketball position while still teaching at St. Anthony Grade School in
Taylor Mill, and he has left an indelible mark on each.
Bobby’s bark is a familiar echo, firmly etched in each of our memories,
and it will be a while until it fades away.  He is being described as a fair,
no-nonsense, get-the-job done administrator and coach who turned boys into
men and prepared them well for the next level.  He was a relentless scout
who was the force behind our teams being so well prepared prior to going
into battle against a key, target team, and an intense competitor whose teams
always, invariably overachieved on the field of play, while taking on all
comers, without being intimidated by a school’s size, enrollment, or tradition.
He is being described tonight as a man of vision and bounddless energy.
When Bob wanted a sod infield for his ballfield including a sprinkler system,
we got one; when he wanted dugouts, they sprung up from the dust; and
when he first walked into Clark County’s indoor practice facility, there was no doubt in my mind that
one would soon manifest itself at our facility – and it did.  No job was too great, and no obstacle too
large.  Bob Rowe has a legion of very talented friends, and he was never bashful about calling upon their
On the academic side, he is somewhat single-handedly responsible for the technological innovations that we
presently enjoy at Brossart High School, and was a pioneer in developing our Academic Enhancement
Program.  The much acclaimed Open House last fall was a tribute to the efforts of one Bob Rowe and his
dedicated committee who had state of the art technology installed and operational prior to that event.  The
current school website is up and interactive due to Bob’s pulling a few strings and utilizing the services
of some family members for the cost of a gift card from a local eatery.
It was also Bob Rowe who campaigned for and executed our most recent Careers Day, where professionals
from all over Greater Cincinnati came to our school to describe their profession and display their wares for
our student body.
We all assumed that Bob was the heir apparent to the principal’s job here at Brossart and that we would
continue to thrive under his leadership, but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.   Larry
Bowman, the Diocesan Superintendent of Education announced his retirement; Mike Clines the former
principal of Covington Catholic High School has been appointed assistant superintendent and is being
groomed for that job; and Bob Rowe has been named the principal of Covington Catholic to succeed Clines.
The questions being bantered among our ranks tonight is how did this happen, and why did Bob Rowe, a
Brossart grad who bleeds green and appeared destined to be our next principal end up at Covington
Catholic?  Suffice it to say that when opportunity knocks, sometimes you have to do what is best for
yourself and your family.  Though he tried, Bob could receive no assurances that he would become the next
principal at Brossart, and at 37 years of age has decided to put those degrees, earned through years of
attending school during summers and at night, to work and grab the bird in the hand.  When the bishop asks
you to assume command of his premiere diocesan high school, it is very difficult to say no, or hold out for
a position that may or may not materialize.
Say It Ain't So
Bob Rowe To CovCath
June 19, 2008
The opinions herein are those of the author and not necessarily those of the
Bishop Brossart High School administration.