Hurray For Nathan Brugger!!!
When Sophomore Reserve Nathan Brugger scored a basket in the waning moments of the
Brossart-Paris game last night, most in attendance probably didn't pay it much heed, it was
simply a bucket by a JV player mopping up for the varsity starters who had long since been
removed, but for Nathan Brugger, and those of us who have enjoyed watching him progress,  it
marks a milestone in his life, a victory over insurmountable odds, one that not many would have
attempted.  We're glad he did.
You see, Nathan Brugger was cut from the
freshmen team last year.  We are very
conscientious about making cuts, so I'm sure that
it was quite justified at the time.  I'm also sure
that when Coach Mike Schack cut him, he
encouraged him to work on his skills on his own,
and if it was important to him, to try out again
next year - the standard pseudo encouragment
offered by a coach with the unenviable task of
ending a player's career before it ever gets started.
But Nathan heeded his coach's advise, and in the
meantime he grew to be a long, lanky, 6'3"
sophomore, who showed up at summer open gyms
with the intent of giving it another go.  That rarely
happens, and when it does, few succeed.  But it was
there that Nathan caught the eye of Coach Mike
Code, who worked with him on his shot durng
those summer sessions and invited him to try out
for the team in October, following his JV football
Nathan did, and this time stuck with the ballclub,
earning one of our coveted  JV/Varsity Brossart Mustangs uniforms.
Nathan Brugger to this day remains a project.  A smart, polite, hard working,
give-it-your-best-shot, listen and learn project, who toils primarily on Coach Bob Rowe's Junior
Varsity squad, while working daily with Coach Bundy and the "bigs" both during and after
practice on his post moves.
Whether Nathan Brugger ever becomes an impact player for the Brossart Mustangs is yet to be
seen, but tonight in the final moments of the 10th Region All "A" Opening round game vs Paris,
Brugger, the sophomore who didn't make the freshmen team, made a break through - he wrote
his name on the list of career Brossart Mustangs varsity scorers.  Two down, and
Nine-Hundred-Ninty-Eight away from joining the 1,000 Point Club.  I'm sure that doesn't matter
I hope that when Nathan Brugger got home after the game and looked in the mirror, the image
looking back said, "Congratulations Big Guy, Well deserved, you earned it  -  You've Come A
Long Way !!!"  And indeed he has.
Nathan Brugger now to some small degree becomes another in the long line of Brossart/Scotty
Ruthesque success stories (See Scott Ruth - Legend)..
Whether Nathan Brugger never scores another varsity point, or scores more than 998 of them,
nobody can ever take away what the big soph has accomplished in one short year.