Living My Dream
To Wear Mustang Green
By Luke Rebholz As Told To Coach Dave Schabell
For as long as Sophomore Luke Rebholz can remember he
has always had a burning desire to someday play in the
winning Brossart Mustangs basketball program.
As a gradeschooler he can remember making the trip to the
Mason County Fieldhouse to watch the Mustangs play in
Regional Tournaments past and was at Rupp when the
Mustangs beat Graves County and took on Russellville.
Being small of stature, playing on an obscure team without a
winning record, and joining a class laden with talent from
Diocesan Champ and Diocesan Runner-Up St. Joe, Cold
Spring and St. Mary often caused Luke to be concerned
that he might be lost in the shuffle at his new high school and
never get to realize that dream.
To Luke Rebholz, compared to Sts. Peter and Paul, Brossart High School was a big school
and to realize his dream of playing in a winning program Luke knew that he would have to
outwork his potential teammates in order to land a spot on the freshmen squad.  During the
summer prior to his coming to Brossart Luke made a commitment to attend every open gym
possible and learn as much as possible from the guys he was playing with.  Brad Seiter and
Adam Franzen, two guys from Sts. Peter and Paul who were a year ahead of him became his
mentors.   Shortly after October 15th of 2003 Luke Rebholz realized his dream and was
awarded a coveted Brossart Mustang uniform.  High school has been good to Luke.  He
quickly demonstrated the work ethic shown on the hardwood in the classroom and has
become one of the top five students in his class.  He is a member of the Brossart Academic
Team.  In the spring he runs track, and during the summer, along with a brother runs an
actual bee-keeping business, selling fresh honey to a limited number of repeat customers.  He
enjoys family vacations and his favorite destination is the Grand Canyon.

Luke's dream of being a part of a winning program was quickly realized as the 2003-04
Mustang Freshmen posted a 24-2 record, winning the 38th District Tournament and the 10th
Region Championship.  While Luke wasn't a starter or even one of the leading scorers on the
team, he willingly accepted his role, continued to listen to his coaches and worked relentlessly
on improving his game.   He earned the respect of the Mustangs coaching staff and over the summer was invited to attend
the Embry-Riddle Team Camp in Daytona Beach, Florida with this year's Junior Varsity Mustangs.  While there they ran the
table, going undefeated in the camp games and sweeping the Camp Tournament, compiling a 10-0 record for their stay in
Florida.  Rebholz competed and contributed in each contest.

So far this season Luke is enjoying the success of the Junior Varsity team, which is 14-0 after beating undefeated Pendleton
County on Tuesday night.  He has competed in thirteen of those games and has put 28 points on the board, including a key
three-pointer Tuesday night against the Wildcats.  In Luke's two years at Brossart High School, his Mustang teams are a
combined 38-2.  Luke has had the privilege of dressing with the varsity at times this season and will always remember being
suited up for the Mustangs win over Oak Hills in the Cintas Center as well as actually playing in the Fifth-Third Bank Classic
at LexCath over the Christmas holidays where he competed with the varsity in the Mustangs 71-44 win over Clay County.  
As Luke has continued to grow and mature, he is becoming a force in the paint and a contributing rebounder.

After two full years of preparation, Luke is looking forward to next year where he will likely become a starter on the 05-06
Mustangs Junior Varsity team and take what comes his way in varsity competition.

Luke cites the close comaradarie with his teammates, the concern of the coaches for our players, the many friends made,
and the incredible athletic and academic opportunities that have been opened to him as being the most rewarding aspects of
his career to date at Brossart High School.  The hard work and dedication demonstrated daily at practice against our varsity
Mustangs pays off on game nights when the Mustangs take the floor before large crowds and experience success on a
regular basis.

Luke Rebholz is what we call a Brossart kind of kid.  Polite, appreciative, hard-working, and over-achieving are just some of
the descriptions you will hear spoken of him.  He is one of the success stories in our program and we are proud of his
achievements and glad to have him wearing that Mustang uniform.

Luke should serve as an inspiration to all young players with a dream that with hard work, dedication and commitment to a
goal, they too someday might realize their own dream of wearing Mustang Green.
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