Directions To EKU
McBrayer Arena - Richmond
Take I-75 South to Lexington, to I-75 / I-64 split. Continue
South on I-75 Richmond / Knoxville.

Travel approximately 22 miles to Richmond and depart
interstate at exit #87 (2nd Richmond exit).

Make a left and cross over the interstate heading East on the
Eastern bypass for one mile and you will see the main EKU
campus on the left.

Entrance To McBrayer Arena is directly off of the Eastern
Bypass.  You can see the arena from the street.  Parking is in
front of the facility.

SUGGESTION:  If you are looking for rooms in Richmond,
call Thursday mid-morning.  Many of the teams who lost on
Wednesday will be leaving then and not using their reserved
rooms for the rest of the weekend.  If you are unsuccessful, try
again on Friday morning.