Directions To St. Xavier High School
Get on I-75 North.

Exit right at Exit 9 (Paddock Rd Exit).

At top of grade, turn left onto Paddock Road.

Within about 200 yards, you will go under a railway overpass.

Just beyond this railroad overpass, there is a left turn lane.

Get into it and turn left onto North Bend Road.

Initially North Bend Road is pretty flat.

Go through a rough train crossing (go slowly!), go by some trucking companies.

Then climb a steep, two-level hill.

At the top of the second hill, you will see one of our baseball fields on your left.

Just beyond this on your right, you will see St. Xavier High School.

Parking spaces should be available.

Total mileage on Paddock Road. and North Bend Road. is about 2.0 miles.