Directions To
Owen County High School
2340 Highway 22 East
Owenton, KY 40359 9804
This is one of those destinations that, like Mout Olivet, there is simply no easy way
to get there.
You have two choices:

Take I-75 South To I-71
I 71 South to exit 62 (Glencoe)---US 127 [14.8 miles];
Turn left onto US 127 for 16.2 miles until you come into Owenton, where US 127 will
run into US22.  Turn left onto US22 and proceed to 2340 US 22.;

Estimated time from Alexandria 1 hr 16 minutes
You can also simply take I-75 South to the Dry Ridge Exit 159 - US 22
Take US 22 East to Owenton, Owen County High School and Patterson Field.
Very windy road.  Take your time.
Good Luck and allow plenty of time to get there.
Mapquest says - 1 Hour and 15 minutes from Alexandria
Allow extra time for heavy Friday night traffic at I-275 and I-75