Directions To
Holy Cross High School
Take I-275 West Across The Licking River to the First Exit at the top
of the hill which is Route 16 - Taylor Mill Exit.

Turn  right onto Taylor Mill Road.  Taylor Mill Road will become
Winston Avenue at the bottom of the hill at Value City.
Go Down the Hill Past Value City and McDonalds (staying in left
lane - right lane becomes a turn lane).

OPTION 1  -  At the major intersection make a soft  right onto East
Southern Avenue for one block and then a left onto Chruch Street.  
The gym is across the street from, but on the same side of the street
as the church.

OPTION 2 - Go through the major intersection and go one block to
East 36th Street.  It is the street before the railroad tracks.  Turn
right onto East 36th Street one block and you will be looking at the
Holy Cross Gym.
Directions To School/Gym