Directions To
Harrison County High School
Travel South on US 27 towards Cynthiana.

Just before coming into the city of Cynthiana, you will pass the
Bowling Alley.

Continue across the bridge and over the next rise.

As you come over the rise and go down into the dip, you will see a
street exiting ahead to the left at the Tobacco warehouse (which may
now be torn down.)

Take that street, it become North Church Street.  Stay on it all of the
way through the residential district and through town.

DO NOT GET OFF OF THIS ROAD/STREET.  It will eventually wind
around up the hill to Harrison County High School.

Turn left in front of the school and stay on the driveway to the back
of the building where there is a parking lot.  Park in the lot and you
will find the gym entrance in the back of the building.

You cannot see the entrance from the parking lot.
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