Directions To St. Patrick, Maysville
St. Patrick High School is located at 318 Limestone Street, Maysville, Ky.
                             OPTION  TWO  -  (The Old Way)

Take the AA Highway East into Maysville as though you were going to the Mason County
At the intersection of US 68 and the AA Highway, turn left an proceed past Mason County
High School all the way down the hill until US68 merges with US11.
US11/62/68 will run into US8 which is East 3rd Street.  Turn left onto US8/East Third Street
and go a block or two to Bank Street.
Turn right onto Bank Street (at the old police station) for a block and then turn left on East
2nd Street.
Stay on East 2nd Street under the bridge for one block until you reach Limestone Street, at
the old Maysville High School building.
Turn left onto Limestone Street until you see St. Patrick Church on your left.  Proceed past
the church.  The School and the gym is located behind the church on East 4th Street and the
parking lot is located just east of the school/gymnasium building, or you can park on the
                             OPTION  ONE  -  (The New Way)

This is a more efficient, shorter, less congested way to get there.

Proceed on the AA east to the outskirts of Maysville where you will come to a traffic light at
US62 - Clyde Barbour Boulevard.
Turn left onto US62 East until it runs into Route 8 (about two/three miles).
Take the Route 8 Exit just before the bridge and turn right onto (East) Route 8 until it
becomes one way at Wall Street.
Turn right and go one block up Wall Street to East 3rd Street.  Turn left onto East 3rd Street
and proceed to Limestone Street where you will see St. Patrick Church.
Turn right onto Limestone Street.  The school and gym are located behind the church at the
corner of Limestone and East 4th Street.