Mustangs Lose Fan, Friend, and Family Patriarch
Bill Lloyd
Sunday Evening, Brossart Mustang Fan, Good Friend, Father, and Grandfather, Bill Lloyd lost his long,
valiant, battle against his toughest lifetime opponent - Cancer.  This fatal disease may have won out in
the end but it knows for a fact that it was in a war.

Over a year ago Bill Lloyd confided that he probably wouldn't live to see the
2002 Annual Lloyd-Rowe Family and Friends Labor Day Event.  He
underestimated his own strength and will.  He not only saw the Labor Day
bash, but Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the 10th Region Girls
Championship Basketball Game in which Jessica competed, Easter, Derby Day,
Memorial Day, the 38th District and 10th Regional Baseball Tournaments in
which his son Joe helped coach, the 4th Of July, and was closing in on the 2003
Labor Day Bash.

To Bill Lloyd, family was everything.  His priorities were very simple - Family,
Family and Family.  Even in the latter stages of his illness Bill would attend his
grandkids sporting events if he was able.  He even squeezed in a trip to Florida,
and journeyed into the fields back home to supervise the annual hay harvest.

I always knew where I stood with Bill Lloyd and more than once felt the poke of his index finger into my
breast-bone as he emphatically made his point.  He was a man of principle and if he felt that something
was not being done right or that something was not in the best interest of one of his brood, he would take
action to right the wrong.

In additon to his family, Bill Lloyd loved to discuss the Cincinnati Reds and his most recent stock trades.  
He loved to share his successes in the market and tout his annual Derby selection.  Often his horse ran
to his expectations, but many times they did not, at which time the jockey who rode his pick normally
invoked his ire and was found to be at fault for his not cashing a bet.

His greatest pleasure in life may have come in seeing his grandson Jon run out on the floor at Rupp
Arena on a March afternoon in 2000 and beat a supposedly superior opponent in the Sweet Sixteen State
Tournament, or when Jessica played in the Girls State Tournament a year later at Western Kentucky
University, or maybe when a shot taken by Grandson Ryan from a wheelchair found its mark in a 5th/6th
Grade game and made local headlines.  He even got to see Matt wear Mustang green while still an eighth
grader, competing on our freshmen team.

Bill Lloyd didn't build his kids big, so he taught them to be tough and strong, and these tough kids
produced tough kids.  As long as they played hard and never gave up they met with their Grandpa's
approval - because he wouldn't have it any other way.  He taught them to stick up for themselves and
never to back-down, a lesson they learned well.

Bill and Mary were fixtures at all of their kids and grandkids sporting events.  If a cause was important
to a coach who coached his sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters, it was important to him and
he could be counted on for his physical or financial support.

Bill Lloyd was a true personal friend and friend of Brossart Mustang Athletics.

He will be missed.
Coach Dave Schabell