Mustang Legends
Coach, Parent, Grandparent, Supporter
Coach Edwin Schultz
Edwin Schultz, himself a St. Mary/Bishop Brossart graduate, became
a lifelong supporter of his alma mater, as a basketball player, coach,
advocate for our alumni, and later in life, fan and devotee of Brossart

He is best knows as the longtime varsity assistant coach of the
Baseball Mustangs, joining the staff in 1996, and then serving as Bob
Rowe's chief lieutenant,  advisor, and confidant throughout his eleven
year tenure. Ed made immeasurable contributions, and enjoyed the
camaraderie of the coaching staff.

He would be the one who would get the call to ready the field on a rain
day.  He was a regular, riding around on the tractor dragging the field.
Ed was a humble man who sacrificed all of his life to provide his kids a
Catholic education and wasn't afraid to roll up his sleeves to pitch in
get a field ready to play, or clean up the gym following a ballgame,
staying long after the crowd had moved on to their post-game

He had the privilege of coaching his sons Joe and Brad, and in 2000
saw Brad become one of Brossart's all-time most effective pitchers.
His grandkids Jerod, Logan and Olivia continued the Schultz tradition
on the hardwood, soccer pitch, and diamond.     
Our Baseball Mustangs
were 251-202-1 during
the Edwin Schultz era.

He was the part of four
district championships,
seven official
10th Region "A"
Championships and four
NKAC Championships

When our gym was built in 1986 it was Ed
Schultz who secured a night for our alumni to
come in and play in the facility that
wasn't available to them while going through
school here.  Ed himself competed for many

Edwin Schultz was diagnosed with cancer
following the 2008 season, but stayed on Matt
Grosser's staff throughout the 2009 baseball

In the final months of his life, Ed enjoyed the
visits of the baseball coaches and a few of us,
who would stop down to see him, relive old
stories and bring him up to date with current
Mustangs happenings.
Ed and his wife Terri were regulars at all of our Brossart basketball
games, occupying the seats against the wall directly behind the home
team bench.
Ed and Terri were ardent Brossart Mustangs Basketball fans.  During Ed's home confinement due to his disease,
he took advantage of some of our internet broadcasts to keep up with the team.

Edwin Schultz lost his long, valiant, battle with cancer early Monday morning, May 24th, 2010 at the age of 67.
With his passing, Brossart High School lost a friend, an advocate, and a father figure to not only to his own
children, but to the numerous Brossart Mustang baseballers who had the good fortune to be coached by him.
Ed Schultz was a simple man.  A pot of chili, family
at his side, and the love of his wife, sons, daughters,
grandkids, and great-grandkids were all that he
needed to sustain him.

They simply don't make them like Edwin Schultz
While he has gone to his eternal reward, he will
always be missed and remembered by all of us who
knew him, respected him, and shared in his

It was appropriate that on the night of his visitation,
his Brossart Mustangs defeated Campbell County
in extra-innings in the 37th District Championship
Game.  It was the first time in the past five seasons
that the Mustangs had captured the 37th District

Following his death, the team wore the initials EFS
(Edwin Findley Schultz) on their uniform sleeves
throughout their post-season run in the 10th Region
His biggest regret was that he will not be able to watch
those grandkids grow up and compete on the field of

To this day, Ed's kids and grandkids continue to play
and serve within the Brossart Mustangs athletic
At left, center,  and right, Edwin
Schultz's grandkids, Logan,
Jerod,  and Olivia have been
impact players in their sports.
Above left, Ed's son Ron often serves as a color commentator on Brossart sports broadcasts.
Above right:  Another son Brad can be found officiating local tournaments on a regular basis.
Following his retirement from active coaching the "Edwin Finley Schultz Award" was created.
Its early recipients were:
                                                     2009  -  Ben Weyman
                                                     2010  -  Anthony Steffen
                                                     2011  -  Chad Verst
                                                     2012  -  Corey Kramer
Following his death, the 2010 team wore the initials EFS (Edwin Findley Schultz) on their uniform sleeves
throughout their post-season run in the 10th Region Tournament.
On February 10, 2011, Coach Ed Schultz's Number 6 number and jersey was retired at a home basketball
game, with his family and past players on hand.