Brad Seiter
A Mustang Whose Time Has Come
his senior seasons and possesses confidence in his teammates and their
ability to achieve it.

Seiter is a survivor.  He has learned a lot in the past six months about being
dealt severe life-inflicted gut punches and moving on.  A little thing like
leading the 2005-06 Mustangs should come easy.  He has certainly
established his credentials and won the respect of his teammates in both
sports.  He has learned well from the experiences gained playing with the
aforementioned seniors.  He is prepared to benefit from their finer
attributes and anxious to improve upon their shortcomings.

Brad is no longer merely Nathan and Justin's kid brother.  He has very
much become his own man, and will be out to make his own mark on the
program in the coming twelve months, looking to provide these Mustangs
with the most important elements oft lacking from past years' teams -
confidence and iron-fisted leadership.

While other seniors may share the title, expect Brad Seiter to emerge the
dominant Senior Captain in both sports and then to go about the business
of actively leading by action, example, and accountability while getting the
job done.

Renew your season tickets.

Coach Dave Schabell      5-25-05   BMustangs Homepage
Anxious to get back in the gym to establish success on the hardwood with
the new-era Mustangs and looking to lead a squad bent on making a name
for themselves next spring on the diamond, Seiter conveys a long-lost
passion in his voice that generates excitement when he details his hopes for