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1st National Bank
Bracken County Invitational Holiday Tournament
Stangs Gunned Down By St. Patrick 65-64 In Tournament Opener
Hold Off Augusta 66-60 As Webb Connects On Five Three-Point Goals
Mustangs "Unlucky" In 56-54 Loss To Deming
St. Pat's Rally and Nip Stangs At The Wire 65-64
Wednesday, December 26th
The Brossart Mustangs were gunned down in the shadow of the wire on Wednesday afternoon, 65-64 by St. Patrick, in
the opening game of the Bracken County Holiday Tournament, after leading the Saints 62-52 with 3:30 left to play in
the contest.
Brossart picked apart the St. Patrick defense in the opening period to
take a 15-9 lead after 8 minutes of play, and then drew off to a 20-11
lead early in the second period as St. Patrick switched up the defense
and went to a trapping zone and a full-court press.
With 6:50 to go in the half, the Mustangs stopped scoring until after
they had been outscored 11-0 and the Saints had taken their first lead
of the game at 22-20.
A Mitch Patterson 3-pointer at the 2:37 mark broke the ice for the
Mustangs who would still trail the Saints 28-26 at halftime.
Our guys embarked on a 24 point offensive explosion in the third
quarter to re-take the lead 50-45 with eight minutes to play, and
extended the lead to 62-52 just over three minutes out.
It was at that point that St. Patrick unleashed a furious rally to
overcome their second 10 point deficit of the night, and with 45 seconds
to play in the game, poked a nose in front at 63-62.  Greg Stortz
countered with a ten foot jumper allowing the Stangs to retake the lead
at 64-63.  With 4.3 seconds to play in the game, a Chris Owens to Matt
Thompson pass resulted in a layup that put the Saints back on top 65-64, forcing Brossart to call our last time out and
set up the game-winner.

We got the shot we wanted from Stortz from nearly the identical spot that he had connected from just seconds before,
but as the ball was in the air and the horn sounded, the shot rimmed out and St. Patrick had successfully come from
behind to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and tag our Mustangs with the loss.
While no loss is a good loss, this one is sort of a good news - bad news loss.  The bad news is that we failed to finish
out the game, allowing St. Patrick to dig out of two double digit deficits and tag us with a loss in the tournament.  St.
Patrick made 32 tirps to the free throw line, connecting on 23, while Brossart only made our way to the line on 17
occasions, finishing off 9 attempts.  We only visited the charity stripe once in the fourth quarter, when we were in the
double bonus.  The good news is that we showed that even with a sub-par performance we are definitely right in the
mix to compete for our sixth consecutive 10th Region All "A" title later on in January, when we are a bit more
experienced and have better matured into situations such as those faced in the St. Pats game.  I think that despite
the loss we established within the 10th Region "A" community that rumors of our demise in this event have been
greatly exaggerated!
We will be back in action on Day 2 of this four day marathon later today at 3pm when we take on Augusta, surprising
79-37 losers to the Deming Devils in yesterday's third event.

Box Score:  Patterson 2-1-0/0-7, Armstrong 0-1-0/1-3, Webb 1-2-0/0-8, Kremer 5-0-4/7-14, Ridder 1-0-0/0-2,
               Rieger 1-0-0/0-2, Wolfer 1-0-1/3-3, Stortz 5-1-2/2-15       
                                       Totals Mustangs:  20-5-  9/17-64   4-4   1-2
                                       Totals Saints:       18-2- 23/32-65   8-3
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Brossart Beats Stubborn Augusta 66-60
As Joey Webb Rains Five Three-Point Goals
On Panthers - Improve To 1-1 In Tourney
Junior Joey Webb came from off of the bench to rescue the Brossart Mustangs in the opening minutes of that game,
as his team had fallen behind quickly 7-0.
Three 3's later, two by Webb and one by Zach Hertzenberg and a conventional
basket by Jacob Rieger, and the Mustangs had closed to within five points, at 16-11
after eight minutes of play.
Webb continued to blister the nets in the second period with another pair of
long-distance bulls-eyes and two garden variety baskets, leading the Mustangs to a
30-26 halftime advantage.  Webb had scored a career high 16 first half points, with two
periods yet to play.
Brossart pretty much controlled the third period, as Webb added his fifth 3-pointer
of the game, stretching their lead to 11 at the 4:20 mark at 39-28, and to 12 at the
period's end, as the Mustangs led 49-37 with eight minutes left to play in the game.
Brossart had pushed out to a 57-44 lead with five minutes and change to play, when
Augusta's Dustin Staggs decided to take over the ballgame.  Staggs would put
fourteen points in the book in the final quarter, closing the gap to 63-60 with just over
a minute to play, causing Mustangs fans some serious flashbacks of the events that had occured in the St.
Patrick's game, just twenty-four hours prior.
This time however, the Mustangs were up to the task, hitting key free-throws down the stretch and
preserving the 66-60 win over the stubborn Panthers.
Brossart produced four double figure scorers with Joey Webb finishing the day with 21 points to be our
leading scorer and PNC Player of the Game.
With the win the Mustangs improve to 1-1 in the tournament with the Deming Devils left on their dance
card in a contest scheduled for 3pm on Friday.
Deming had blown out Augusta by 42 points on Wednesday, but in Thursday's third game St. Patrick beat
Deming 70-52, so Go Figure!
Box Score:  BB:  Patterson 3-1-2/2-11, Webb 3-5-0/0-21, Kremer 1-0-2/3-4,
                   Ridder 0-0-1/2-1, Rieger 5-0-5/7-15, Hertzenberg 0-1-0/0-3,
                   Stortz 5-0-1/3-11            Totals Mustangs:  17-7-11/17-66   5-4  1-2
                    Ag:  Kelsh 1-3-2/2-13, White 3-0-2/5-8, Fryman 1-0-0/0-2,
                    Staggs 10-0-1/3-21, Mofford 4-0-0/0-8, Krebs 1-0-0/2-2,
                    Hamilton 3-0-0/0-6         Totals Panthers:  22-3-5/12-60    5-5
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Our Mustangs Suffer "Unlucky" Setback
At Hands Of Deming Devils 56-54
Joey Webb Continues Torrid 3-Point Barrage
Leads Mustangs Scorers For Second Straight Day With 17 Points
Our soccer affectionado Dave Tavel would call today's 56-54 loss to Deming a
very "unlucky" defeat.
As has been the norm throughout this very unpredictable tournament this game
was very true to form.
Brossart connected on three 3 point goals in the first period to establish a 16-14
first period lead, and maintained a three point, 28-25 advantage at halftime.
Blue-chipper Kyle King emerged from the locker-room on fire, scoring 10 third
points as the Devils enjoyed a 35-29 lead before Mike Code called a time-out and
inserted Joey Webb back into the lineup.
A pair of Webb 3-balls, his fourth and fifth of the game, put the Mustangs back
on top 36-35 and the two teams battled to a 42-42 quarter with a period to play.
Jarrod White hit a three-point goal to open a 45-42 Deming bulge, which they
maintained until only 7.2 seconds remianed in the game, when Mitch Patterson
hit a pair of free-throws to put the Stangs on top 54-53, when a strange,
unexplainable event took place. - Ben Ridder was whistled for a totally phantom
foul, stopping the clock at 6.5 seconds left in the game.
Kyle King hit the first of two free-throws to tie the game and then missed the
second, but Brossart failed to secure the rebound and Jarrod White found
himself with the ball on the baseline, where he shoveled a shot in the direction
of the basket that went straight through the middle.  A Mitch Patterson last ditch,
long-distance prayer came up empty and the Mustangs had lost their second
hard-luck decision in three days.
My only logical thoughts on the Ben Ridder no-foul, foul call, was that the
veteran offical who made the call thought that the Brossart Mustangs trailed by
a point and anticipated that Ridder would commit a quick foul to stop the clock
and send Deming to the line.  That was clearly not the case, and Deming was
the recipient of a quality Christmas gift two days late!
Joey Webb continued his torrid shooting barrage, connecting on five more 3-pointers vs Deming, making it a total 10 3's in
two games and a total of 38 points, as he led the Stangs for the second straight day with 17 points.  Jacob Rieger added 16
points and Mitch Patterson was our third double-figure scorer with 10 on the day.
Nobody said that it was going to be easy!  Our guys made a lot of mistakes that they are going to have to learn to overcome
in order to win on a consistent basis.
The 10th Region All "A" Tournament is still a month away before a champion is crowned and the winner off to Richmond.  
This week's games in the Bracken County Holiday Tournament will certainly benefit our team and coaching staff as we
continue to progress through the early part of 2008.
Brossart will return to the Ice Palace on Saturday to take on the Dayton Greendevils at 2:45pm as we play for fifth place.
St. Patrick, 77-72 winners over Augusta today will take on Fleming County on Saturday in the championship game at
6:15pm.  Deming will face Lewis County in the third place contest at 4:30pm.  We will play Dayton for fifth place at 2:45pm,
and Bracken County and Augusta will face off at 1pm.
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BB: Patterson 1-1-5/7-10, Armstrong 1-0-0/0-2, Webb 0-5--2/2-17, Kremer 0-0-1/2-1, Rieger 6-0-4/6-16, Stortz 4-0-0/0-8
Totals Brossart: 12-6-12/17-54    5-6

DG: Curtis 0-0-0/2-0, K.King 5-3-3/3-22, L.King 2-0-4/8-8, Mitchell 1-0-0/0-2, Grause 4-0-0/0-8, White 5-2-0/0-16
Totals Deming: 17-4-7/13-56      7-3
Mustangs Take Care Of Business Vs Dayton
Win 61-37 To Go 2-2 In Bracken Co Inv Tourney
Blow out to a 31-8 halftime lead, and then play near-even basketball in the second half to
win our sixth game of the season
Brossart made our fourth and final trip to the Bracken County
Holiday Tournament this week a successful one, overmatching
the Dayton Greendevils 61-37 as Jacob Rieger recorded a
double-double with 23 points and a myriad of rebounds.
With the Mustangs on top 5-3 in the opening moments of the
game, Brossart launched a 11-1 run, opening a 16-4 first quarter
lead, and extended the run to 23-1 enroute to a 31-8 halftime
Dayton was a whole different ballclub in the third quarter,
outscoring our Mustangs 15-5 in the third period, drawing the
Greendevils to within 18 points at 41-23.
Rieger would score 13 of his game high 23 points in the fourth
quarter as the Mustangs re-asserted themselves, putting up 20
points to the Devils' 14, giving the Mustangs a 61-37 victory, our
second in the four game Bracken County Holiday Tournament
series to finish in fifth place, and our sixth win overall against five losses.

Box Score: BB:  Patterson 1-0-0/0-2, Armstrong 0-1-0/0-3, Webb 2-1-0/0-7, Kremer 2-0-1/1-5, Ridder 2-0-0/1-4,
                      Rieger 7-0-9/12-23, Wolfer 1-0-2/3-4, Stortz 4-1-0/2-11, Hanneken 0-0-2/4-2, Popovich
            Dytn:  Brownfield 1-0-2/2-4, Turner 0-0-2/2-2, Lovell 0-0-1/2-1, Young 0-0-2/2-2, Massey 1-1-0/1-5,
                       Eastin 1-2-1/2-9,  Brummett 2-0-1/4-5, Simons 1-0-0/0-2, Bowden 3-0-1/3-7
                       Totals Mustangs:     19-3-14/25-61    6-5     1-2
                       Totals Greendevils:   9-3-10/18-37
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