Walton-Verona Shooters Find The SyDome To Their
Liking - Nail Seven Three Point Goals In 44-31 Win
Over The Mustangs Freshmen  
December 13, 2007
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The hot shooting Walton freshmen team blistered the nets in the first half for six 3-point goals to establish a 28-13
first half lead and waltzed home to a 44-31 victory over our Mustangs.
As Walton-Verona played a more human second half, our Mustangs battled hard to outscore the visitors 18-16, but
the damage had been long done, and this one was out of reach.
Clay Cuzick nailed a trio of trifectas in the first quarter, while James Rice, Samuel Schmitt, and Vance Sullivan all
got in on the act and contributed a long distance bomb apiece to overwhelm our guys, while on a 56 per game
scoring pace.  Walton would only connect on one 3 ball in the second half, that by Derrick Lynn as the law of
averages took over and the Bearcats cooled off considerably.  Walton improves to 5-2 on the season, while our
Stangs fall to 2-5.
It was enjoyable watching Vance Sullivan play tonight.   I had not seen him since his
days serving as the Campbell County ballboy during his dad Dan's stint as the head coach
of the Camels.  He has not only grown up, but has developed into a fantastic left-handed
big point guard who you will hear much about in the future.
Corey Hartig led all scorers in the freshmen game with 13 points, as the young forward
continues to overachieve on a game to game basis.  John Schack turned in another
blue-collar effort netting 10 points, including four of four from the free-throw line, and a
bunch of rebounds in the losing cause.
Thanks to Mustang Varsity Forward Jacob Rieger for his insights while serving as color
man on the freshmen game broadcast.
Box Score:  BB:  Hartig 4-1-2/5-13, Norton 1-0-0/0-2, Dierig 2-0-0/0-4, Schultz 0-0-1/2-1,
                         Schuler 0-0-1/2-1, Schack 3-0-4/4-10
                 WV:  Roy 1-0-0/0-2, Rice 1-1-0/1-5, Lynn 2-1-2/2-9, Schmitt 0-1-0/0-3, Sullivan 3-1-1/2-10,
                         Brockman 2-0-0/0-4, Cuzick 0-3-0/0-9, Monday 1-0-0/4-2
                         Totals BB    10-1-8/13-31      2-5    1-2
                          Totals WV   10-6-3/9-44       5-2
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Mustangs Outlast Walton-Verona 46-43
In Game Of Momentum Swings
Brossart's JVs found a way to win, even after squandering an 8 point lead late in
a matter of a minute and a half late in the third period and then had to overcome
a 38-33 Walton lead with only 2:53 left to play in the game.
Coach Bob Rowe got big performances from Allen Kramer who had a myriad of
opportunities that didn't fall and might have discouraged a lesser competitor, and
finished strong to score 10 points despite fouling out late in the game.  Kramer
really left it all on the floor, which continues to draw the admiration of his fans
and coaching staff.  Nicholas Hanneken played a very smart game, taking
advantage of Walton's overplaying him on defense, going backdoor several times
in addition to nailing a second period 3, to put up 11 and lead the Mustangs with
11 points.  Joey Webb saved his best for last, nailing two blue-chip second half
three point goals, and Justin Morscher scored six of his eight points in the pivitol
second half, hitting 4 of 5 from the charity stripe.
There were seven late game lead changes as after leading 21-19 at halftime
Brossart extended to 28-20, when Walton went on a 10-0 run to take the lead 30-28 after three quarters.  
Brossart would not regain the lead until there was only 1:39 left in the game, pushing ahead 40-38 and then
extended the lead to the final of 46-43 as the Stangs JVs improve to 4-2 on the season.
Jordan Ponzer led the Bearcats with 15 points in a gutsy effort.
Box Score:  BB:  Popovich 0-0-2/2-2, Webb 1-2-1/2-9, Morscher 2-0-5/6-8, Kramer 1-0-8/11-10, Hanneken 3-1-2/2-11,
                      Brugger 1-0-0/0-2,  Schack 1-0-2/4-4
              WV:  White 0-1-2/2-5, Sullivan 2-0-2/5-6, Bowlin 1-1-0/1-5, Ponzer 4-2-1/2-15, Reynolds 4-0-0/0-8,
                       Poore 2-0-0/0-4
                       Totals BB:     9-2-19/26-46      4-2     1-1
                       Totals WV:   13-3-5/10-43

It was a who's who of present and past coaches and administrators in the house on Thursday night as present
head coaches Mike Code and Kyle Bennet were in attendance with former Campbell County head coach Danny
Sullivan and his dad, Dan Sullivan, the former superintendent of Campbell County and Newport Schools.
Mike Ballinger, the Walton JV coach, is the former JV coach of the Campbell County Camels back on Danny
Sullivan's Camels coaching staff.