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We Win!!!
Mustangs Beat NCC 51-40
Advance To Quarterfinals
Touchstone Energy All "A" Classic State Tournament
The Brossart Mustangs were hoping to have Nathan
Mutsch available for today's battle with NCC, but
such was not the case, causing the remaining seven
Mustang seniors to play with heightened resolve in
pulling together to defeat the 9th Region "A"
Champion NCC 51-40 in a contest that Brossart led
by as many as 14 at the 4:28 mark in the third quarter
when we pushed out to a 30-16 lead.
Did I say that Josh Kidney was brilliant today???  Let
Kidney picked up a couple of very early personal
which relegated him to bench duty for the large part
of the first half, in which he scored four points.  
After scoring four more in the third period Kidney
exploded for ten fourth quarter points which included
two circus-style reverse layup baskets and six of six
from the free-throw line.  Factor in nine rebounds and
Kidney was a no-brainer for the game MVP.
Things weren't quite so rosy in the opening minutes
of the game, as Zach Kiernan scored two garden
variety big-man baskets unmolested, while at the
other end, Mustang big-man Troy Cooper was
repeatedly stuffed by the 6'7" Louisville football
Brossart tightened up the defense considerably,
picking the guards up in the backcourt, taking their
minds off of throwing the ball inside to Kiernan.
The Mustangs battled back from the 0-4 deficit and
took a one point lead at the quarter stop 10-9 as
Jimmy Uebel hit a jumper just ahead of the buzzer
ending the first period.
The two teams asked and answered throughout the
early stages of the second quarter, before NCC got
stuck on 13 points, while the Mustangs on an 11-2
run, increasing our lead to 21-13.  The half ended
with the Mustangs on top 25-14 on yet another Uebel
buzzer-beater and for all intents and purposes
propelled the Mustangs to their 18th win of the season
51-40 over the boys from the Carothers Road Hill.
While Kidney led the Stangs with 18, Jimmy Uebel
added 11, Bryan Niemeyer, who a played a very
strong game on both ends of the floor, joined Troy
Cooper in scoring 8 points apiece.  Kyle Kramer put
up 4 and Luke Rebholz added a weakside rebound
stickback to round out the Mustang scoring with two.
The Mustang defense was as much responsible for
the win as the offense.  Matt Lloyd, Josh Kidney, Kyle
Kramer, and Jimmy Uebel provided the NCC guard
corp with plenty of nightmare material.
Brossart will now face Gallatin County in the
quarterfinals at 5pm on Friday night.

Box Score:  Brossart:  Kidney 6-0-6/6-18,
              Rebholz 1-0-0/0-2, Niemeyer 3-0-2/7-8,
              Kramer 2-0-0/0-4, Uebel 4-1-0/0-11,
              Cooper 2-0-4/9-8,

            NCC:  Koehl 1-0-0/0-2,
            Pangallo 1-0-0/0-2, Lipscomb 0-1-1/2-4,
            Beiting 1-0-0/0-2, Huesman 3-0-3/4-9,
            Geisler 0-0-1/2-1, Kiernan 8-0-4/6-20

Totals Brossart:   18-1-12/22-51       18-3
Totals NCC:        14-1-  9/13-40       10-9
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Post Photograph