Mustangs Improve To 4-0
With 70-48 Win Over Harrison Co.
Open A First Quarter 25-11 Lead Then Shut Out Thorobreds 14-0
In Second Period - Cooper, Uebel, and Niemeyer Post Double Figures
Nathan Mutsch Returns To Mustangs Lineup
December 12th, 2006
Mustangs Make Early, Easy
Work Of Harrison County
J.V.s Return To Winning
Ways With 53-33 Win
Over Thorobreds
Wolfer Strings Ten Free Throws
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The Brossart Mustangs showed their pleasure of
playing at home by putting 25 points up in the first
period, as Josh Kidney, Bryan Niemeyer, Jimmy
Uebel, Nathan Mutsch, and Troy Cooper all put ink in
the scorebook.
The Mustangs then put on a display of defensive
excellence, shutting out the visitors 14-0 in the second
period, giving the home team a 39-11 lead at halftime,
with Troy Cooper having already scored 12 points on
The Mustangs suffered a letdown in the third period,
being outplayed by the Breds, who outscored the
Stangs 18-13, cutting the Mustangs advantage to
52-29, but had dug themselves an insurmountable
hole, allowing the Mustang JVs to get some quality
varsity playing time.

BOX SCORE:  Kidney 4-0-0/0-8, Armstrong 0-0-1/2-1,
    Patterson 1-0-0/0-2, Rebholz 0-1-0/0-3,
    Wolfer 0-1-1/2-4, Niemeyer 4-1-1.2-12,
    K.Kramer 1-0-0/0-2, Uebel 4-2-0/0-14,
    Mutsch 2-0-2/2-6, Cooper 7-0-2/2-16,
    Stortz 1-0-0/0-2

Total Mustangs:     24-5-  7/10-70    4-0    1-0
Total Thorobreds   12-4-12/21-48    2-2
The Mustang JVs returned to their winning ways on
Tuesday night at home vs Harrison County defeating
the Thorobreds 53-33.
The Stangs fell behind 5-0 in the opening seconds of
the ballgame, before the Mustangs righted the ship
and put themselves on top 12-9 by the end of the first
Ben Ridder hit three field goals, while Brian Wolfer
connected on four of four from the charity stripe and
Justin Barth nailed two of two.    The Stangs JVs
added 14 more points in the second quarter while
holding their couterparts to six, sending the home
team to the locker room on top 26-15 at halftime.
Both teams put on a clinic at the free-throw line with
the Mustangs hitting on 20 of 24 attempts, with Brian
Wolfer nailing 10 of 10.
Harrison County, not to be outdone at the
free-throw line hit on 12 of 12 as a team.
Ben Weyman hit four buckets in a row in the fourth
Brossart outscored the Thorobreds 27-18 in the
second half, pulling away to the 53-33 victory.

BOX SCORE:  Armstrong 0-0-2/2-2, Webb 0-2-1/2-7,
    Patterson 1-0-1/2-3, Kremer 1-0-1/2-3,
    Ridder 3-0-0/0-6, MWoeste 0-1-0/0-3,
    TWoeste 1-0-0/0-2, Rieger 1-0-2/2-4,
    Wolfer 0-0-10/10-10, Barth 0-0-3//4-3,
    Weyman 4-0-0/0-8, Storz 1-0-0/0-2

Total Mustangs:    12-3-20/24-53    3-1   1-0
Total Thorobreds:   9-1-12/12-33  
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