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We Are The 2007
Touchstone Energy
All "A" State Champions
Beat Bardstown 56-48 To Claim The Title
Bryan Niemeyer Game MVP - Kidney and Cooper All-Tournament
Jimmy Uebel - Tournament MVP
These Guys....
Troy Cooper, Josh Kidney,
Kyle Kramer, Matt Lloyd,
Bryan Niemeyer, Nathan
Mutsch, Luke Rebholz,
Jimmy Uebel, Greg Stortz,
Ben Ridder, Justin Barth,
Drew Kramer, Mitch
Patterson, Joe Webb, Ben
Weyman, Matt Woeste, Tony
Woeste, Brian Wolfer, Jordan
Armstrong, Jacob Rieger

This Team.......

The Result........
2007  All "A" State

Brossart 51  -  NCC  41
Brossart 45  -  Gallatin 44
Brossart 58  -  UHA  38
Brossart 56  -  Bardstown 48
The Brossart Mustangs met an old friend in
the championship game of the 2007 All "A"
State Tournament, when they took on the
Bardstown Tigers, the team that had come
from down eight at halftime in the 2006
Semi-finals to oust our Mustangs from the
event 63-60 before going on to upset
Owensboro Catholic in the finals and claim the
2006 title for their own.
Although missing some of the primary cast
from their 2006 team, this Bardstown Tigers
troup would prove to be the same
well-disciplined, well-coached,
high-functioning team that the Tigers brought
to Richmond a year ago, and these Tigers had
repeat on their minds.
After Raushaun Phillips scored on the opening
possession of the game, the Mustangs reeled
off three straight conversions on Tiger
turnovers to take a 6-2 lead, but Bardstown
would battle back to make it a 12-10 game at
the end of the first period as Wenquel Graves
followed his own shot and stuck it in just
ahead of the buzzer ending the first period.    
In the first quarter, Josh Kidney scored four,
Jimmy Uebel had five and Troy Cooper had
hit a free-throw, Bryan Niemeyer had yet to
That would all change in the second half as it
would be Niemeyer scoring ten and Cooper
hitting for six who would lead the charge,
with Jimmy Uebel contributing four points as
the Mustangs exploded for 20 points in the
period to take a 30-23 lead and momentum to
the locker room at halftime.
I'm sure that Brossart was reminded in the
locker room that the year before our
Mustangs enjoyed an eight point lead at
intermission only to get gunned down in the
second half and sent on a long, quiet bus ride
back to Alexandria, in the previous year's
This Mustangs team learned their lessons
well and matched the Bardstown Tigers point
per point, as each team put up eleven in the
third period to maintain the Mustang lead at
seven points, just eight minutes from
immortality.  Bryan Niemeyer had put up six
points in the third period and now led the
Mustangs with sixteen points, all coming in
the two middle periods.
Nothing in this world worth having comes
easy, nor did the fourth period for the
Brossart Mustangs.  After pushing the lead to
eleven points with 4:32 to play, the
Bardstown Tigers made a run which resulted
in the Mustangs seeing their lead diminish to
four at 52-48 with just under two minutes to
play in the game, and a sense of
apprehension and de jevu began to permeate
our thoughts.
But this group is something special, and
when we have needed a basket in this
tournament our Mustangs have produced and
such was the case again in the final minute
and seconds of this game.  Cooper hit a pair
of blue-chip free-throws, Jimmy Uebel
scored on a rebound-stickback,  and when
Josh Kidney hit a pair of free-throws with 18
seconds left to give the Mustangs a
three-possession lead, the party began to
break out in the Mustang cheering section.
The Mustang defense held the Tigers
scoreless on their final four possessions and
with just seconds to go in the game, Jimmy
Uebel sent the basketball skyward and the
Mustangs on the bench charged onto the
floor to join in the celebration that was
beginning to take place at center court as the
Mustangs celebrated our first All "A" State
Bryan Niemeyer, the most unlikely Mustang
to be the MVP of our most important game
in his career had scored 22 points as Nathan
Mutsch's stand in and joined Nat Guard at
center court and was awarded the game's
MVP award.

Box Score:  Kidney 2-0-5/6-9,
 Niemeyer 7-1-5/7-22, Kramer 0-0-1/2-1,
 Uebel 4-1-3/4-14, Cooper 4-0-2/4-10

Total Mustangs:  17-2-16/23-56    21-3
Total Wildcats:    15-2-12/16-48
Tournament MVP
Jimmy Uebel

Troy Cooper  -  Josh Kidney

Bryan Niemeyer