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Mustangs Beat
Silver Grove In Key
37th District Bout 80-52
On Nathan Seiter Night
Mustangs Sizzle From Free Throw Line
Hitting On 29 of 35 For 83% In
"Nathan Night" Win Over Trains
The Year and a Month long on-going memorial service for Nathan
Seiter continued last night as the Brossart family gathered to retire his
famed #22 Silver Bullet jersey.  It wasn't intended to be a memorial
service, quite the opposite, it was to be a celebration of his celebrity as
a player, icon, and treasure to this high school and a tribute to the
talents and skills that he demonstrated while accumulating all of the
accomplishments that he achieved while wearing those famed jerseys.  
The fact of the matter is that it was a memorial service because any
testimonial about him reverts back to the least common denominator
and that is that he is gone and we all miss him so much.
As Todd Schaefer read his many accomplishments and reviewed the
records that he still holds in this program one can not help but be
awestruck at just how awesome of a player and a person that he was.
As his mother Irmgard stated in an eloquent acceptance speech,
Nathan would have been very proud and humble in receiving this honor
although God knows, he earned it.
In the game that followed the Mustangs wasted little time in
establishing their superiority over the visiting Big Trains who hadn't
visited the SyDome since that fateful night back in January of 2001
when they came to play in the Championship Game of the 10th Region
"A" Tournament with a 17-0 record and reservations for rooms in
Richmond in tow.  Then too the Mustangs established their dominance
early and a similar result ensued.
In last night's game, the Trains obliged the Stangs by coming out in the
expected zone defense that we had prepared for all week and the
Mustangs went through their paces admirably victimizing the defense
for 37 first half points, giving the Stangs a 37-17 lead at halftime
effectively putting the Silver Grove ball on the wall and giving the
Stangs a 2-0 record in the 37th District Seeding Race.
Jimmy Uebel put on a shooting clinic in the second period lighting up
the Trains for three - three point goals.  The Mustangs would shoot a
blistering 83% from the Charity Stripe for the night and five different
Mustangs would record double figures led by Troy Cooper with 16 .

Box Score:  Kidney 4-0-3/3-11, Lloyd 0-0-2/2-2, Seiter 1-1-4/5-9,
   Franzen 1-1-5/6-10, Niemeyer 1-0-0/0-2, Lubbers 5-0-0/0-10,
   Uebel 0-3-3/4-12, Mutsch 2-0-4/6-8, Cooper 4-0-8/9-16

Total Mustangs:  18 -5-29/35-80     4-2     1-1
Total Trains:       16- 2-14/17-52     3-5            
Mustang JVs, Slow To Start
Warm To Task - Beat Trains 53-25
Pardon the pun, but the Mustangs JVs took awhile to get "untracked"
Friday night vs the Silver Grove Big Train JVs in what was a five point
game at halftime with the good guys on top 19-14 only after a Kyle
Kramer circus act basket ahead of the buzzer extended the lead from
three to five.
Following a fatherly halftime talk by Mustang JV Coach Bob Rowe,
his point got across and the Stangs obliterated the upset minded Trains
34-11 in the second half to post a convincing 53-25 win.
Matthew Hansman led the Stangs with 12 points, 8 of which kept his
team in the game in the first half.  Eight Mustangs dented the scoring
column as the Stangs improve to 4-2 and a date with GCL McNicholas
on the docket for Monday.

Box Score:  Lloyd 2-0-0/0-4, Ruberg 3-0-1/1-7, Niemeyer 2-1-0-0/7,
  Ridder 0-1-2/4-5, Kramer 2-1-2/2-9, Hertzenberg 0-2-0/0-6,
  Hansman 6-0-0/0-12, Stortz 1-0-1/2-3

Total Mustangs:  16-5-6/9-53       4-2     1-1
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