Mustangs March On Richmond
February 4, 2006
McBrayer Arena - Eastern Ky University
Semi-Finals  -  Brossart vs Bardstown
Mustangs "A" State Tournament Run
Ends In Disappointment At The Hands Of
Red Hot Bardstown 63-60 In The Semis
Coach Code Tells Team That He Is Disappointed For
Them But Certainly Not In Them
Juniors Vow To Return And Conquer in '07
A funny thing happened on the way to the 2006 Touchstone
Energy All "A" State Tournament Championship Game.  
The Mustangs had overcome a 13-12 first period
Bardstown lead, outscoring them 16-7 in the second period
to weather the Tigers' storm and take a 28-20 lead to the
locker-room at halftime where it appeared that we had an
upcoming date with destiny on Sunday.  After scoring on
our first two possessions of the second half we were just
about sure of it when Bardstown caught fire and exploded
for 25 points in the third quarter on near-perfect shooting
from the field stymieing the normally sterling defensive
efforts of our Mustangs while taking a 45-42 lead into the
final quarter.
Bardstown would go on to complete a 43 point second half
scoring barrage by tacking on 18 more points in the finale,
hitting on a composite 16 of 23 shots effectively sending
our Mustangs home to prepare for Mason County on
Tuesday, while the Tigers set a 3pm Sunday afternoon date
with Owensboro Catholic for the '06 State "A" Title.
 Kyle Lubbers was absolutely brilliant in the fourth quarter
converting several Jimmy Uebel passes, while Uebel
himself, Josh Kidney, and especially Adam Franzen tried to
rally the Stangs with key three-point goals.
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Coach Code did not find fault with the play of the
Mustangs but rather credited the speed, athleticism, and
hot shooting streak of the Tigers for the Mustangs'
demise.  He told them that he was disappointed for them -
but certainly disappointed with them.  Jimmy Uebel spoke
for the Juniors in vowing a return to Richmond and a ride
home with the top prize in tow in 2007.

Box Score:  Kidney 1-1-0/0-5, Seiter 1-0-2.4-6,
              Franzen 0-2-0/0-6, Lubbers 7-0-1/2-15,
              Uebel 2-1-1/2-8, Mutsch 2-1-2/2-7,
              Cooper 5-0-3/3-13

Total Mustangs:  23-5- 9/13 -60     
Total Tigers:       24-5-10/16-63