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Mustangs Sizzle, Then Fizzle
In MCIT Semi-Finals 60-44
Loss To Pendleton County
The "New Era" Brossart Mustangs out-executed,
out-defended, out-shot, and generally out-played the 10th
Region's top ranked Pendleton County Wildcats for the
entire first quarter in the Semi-Finals of the MCIT on
Friday night, opening up a 16-4 lead, and wondering why
other teams were having so much trouble with the
seemingly vulnerable Wildcats, as Jimmy Uebel victimized
the PC defense for eight of those sixteen points.
The Mustang lead would expand to 25-11 midway
through the second period as the Mustangs continued to
run away and hide over the defending regional champs
and state's sixth ranked team as our stock soared and
thoughts began drift off towards visions of similar
success again later in the season back in this same venue
with a trip to Rupp on the line.
It was at that point that an abrupt turnaround took place
and Brossart would not score again for the remaining
three and a half minutes of this half and the first four
minutes of the third quarter, resulting in an 18-0 Pendleton
County run and a four point 25-29 deficit.
When the Mustangs finally had the lid removed at the 4:02
mark on a Nathan Mutsch score, the Stangs and Wildcats
would go toe to toe for the remainder of the period which
ended with the two teams deadlocked at 38 and the
anticipation of a Fieldhouse photo-finish loomed.
Tied at 38-38 after three quarters, the Wildcats had the last dance with Big Mo spearheaded by a fourth quarter onslaught by Jon
Elrod who would reel off the first twelve points of the period, while once again the Mustangs failed to score and suddenly found
themselves on the verge of being blown out, down 38-52.  Elrod would end the period with  sixteen total points and would lead all
scorers on the night with 25 points as the Cats would go on to claim the first of a potential three game series with the Mustangs
60-44, sending the Stangs back up the double-A scratching their heads, wondering what had just befallen them.
Normally consistent Troy Cooper, who was coming off of a 28 point performane vs Christian County, earning him the AIT MVP
award, was seemingly stymied by the Pendleton County big man tag team of Patrick Elliot and Kane Belcher as Cooper could
muster only four points on the night.  As a whole the Mustang big man corps of Cooper, Lubbers, and Mutsch were restricted to
14 points of the Mustangs total 44 point output.
Jimmy Uebel led the Stangs with 17 points as the Mustangs fall to 8-3 on the season.

Box Score:  Seiter 3-0-0/1-6, Rebholz 1-0-0/0-2, Franzen 1-1-0/0-5, Lubbers 1-0-2.2-4, Uebel 5-2-1/3-17,
                 Cooper 2-0-0/0-4

      Total Mustangs:  16-3-   3/8 -44    8-3     1-1
      Total Wildcats:    19-4-10/12-60
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