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Mustang Defense Locks Up
Montgomery County In Opening
Round of the 10th Region
Tournament 55-37
The Brossart Mustangs employed their patented
overwhelming defense to advance past Montgomery
County into Friday night's semi-finals against the
winner of the Mason County - Deming game.

The stingy Mustang defense allowed only 7 points in
the first half and but 1 in the second quarter to
establish a 22-7 lead at halftime.

Kyle Lubbers would take over the game in the third
quarter, putting up 10 of his game-high 16 points.  
The Indians improved their offensive output to 11
points in the third quarter but were outscored by the
Stangs at 16-11, increasing the Mustang advantage to
38-18 after three quarters and for all intents and
purposes send Montgomery County to baseball season.

The Mustangs failed to take care of the ball and got a
bit sloppy in the fourth quarter as a 24 point Mustang
advantage was cut to 15 before the Mustangs righted
the ship and cruised to the 55-37 victory, our 19th of
the season.  

The Mustangs used the free-throw line to their
advantage in the second half connecting on 14 of 18
attempts and 18 of 22 overall.  Brad Seiter was
responsible for 6 of 8 in the fourth quarter and Troy
Cooper nailed 7of 8 for the game.

Montgomery County put seven Indians in the
scorebook but none could muster double-figures.  

The Mustangs also had seven players put ink in the
scorebook, led by Kyle Lubbers with 16 points and
the Berea coaching staff in attendence to watch the
Mustangs big man perform.  Brad Seiter and Jimmy
Uebel scored 8 points apiece, while Josh Kidney and
Troy Cooper put up 7 each.  Nathan Mutsch added 6,
and Adam Franzen a 3-Point goal to round out
Mustangs scorers.

Box Score:  Kidney 2-1-0/0-7, Seiter 1-0-6/8-8,
Franzen 0-1-0/0-3,  Lubbers 7-0-2/2-16,
Uebel 2-1-1/2-8, Mutsch 2-0-2/2-6, Cooper 0-0-7/8-7

Total Mustangs:  14-3-18/22-55       19-11
Total Indians:      14-0- 9/18-37       16-14
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