Royals Reign Supreme In
JV-Varsity Sweep
Varsity Succumbs To Post "A" Jinx 66-52
JVs Drop 32-26 Decision To Royal Couterparts
The Brossart Mustangs learned just how hard it is to
return from a week of playing in the state's spotlight
on a 94' floor where every game is played in a
regional tournament atmosphere to returning home to
a Tuesday night regular season game.
NCC and even "A" State Champ Bardstown received
similar messages.  NCC had a tough chore under any
circumstances, traveling to Park Hills to play
CovCath, but Bardstown fell to 10-11 Nelson County
after a weekend of celebrating their Touchstone
Energy All "A" State Tournament conquest.  
Owensboro Catholic was spared the post "A" Jinx by
remaining idle until Friday
The JV game should have provided the clue as our
normally rock-steady reserves never could get in
synch in falling to the JV Royals 32-26 after leading
by a point, 11-10 at the break only to have the
visitors put up 14 points in the third quarter and
pave the way for the victory.  The Varsity Royals
would take the same road to success, breaking
down the Mustang defense in the third quarter while
going on a 24 point splurge and overtaking the
Mustangs who had led 26-23 at the half, taking a
46-41 lead into the payoff period.  The fourth
quarter would prove no kinder to the home team as
each time the Stangs would cut into the Royals lead,
they would answer and spread the gap even wider,
resulting in a fourteen point, 66-52 loss to Coach
Chris O'Hearn's charges.
Jinxes and Bad Omens aside, the Mason County
Royals are a quality basketball team, made up of a
plethera of young talent that is going to keep them a
regional contender for quite a while to come.  They
start a freshman, Russ Middleton, son of Kelly
Middleton, who played on Coach Alan Feldhouse's
1981 10th Region Champion, State Runner-up team,
and Darius Miller, who is already being pursued by
major Division I colleges.
To their credit they were able to come into our
house and dominate us in the second half, by
defending the passing lanes effectively, taking away
our inside game, and answering each challenge as
we presented it.
Brossart shot out of the gate into a quick 7-0 lead in
the first three minutes of the game, which was
quickly answered out of a Chris O'Hearn time-out
with a 7-0 run of their own, sending a message
that there would be no blow-outs on this night.  
Brossart emerged to take an 11-7 lead after the first
period and were in charge 26-23 at intermission.
In what is normally Brossart's magical third period,
but has become a nightmare in our last two
contests, the Royals rallied out of the locker-room
to lay a 24-15 period on the Mustangs, forcing us to
play the fourth quarter from behind 47-41.  Three
balls by Jimmy Uebel and Josh Kidney were soon
negated by those of Tyreese Scott (2) and Darius
Miller continued to work his magic in the paint,
holding off the Mustangs for a 66-52 win over the
homestanding Mustangs.
On the night, the Mustangs were led by Troy
Cooper with 16 blue collar points, while Jimmy
Uebel and Brad Seiter combined for 24 points at 12
each.  Kyle Lubbers scored six points, all in the
third quarter, and Josh Kidney checked in with 4
and Nathan Mutsch 2.  Darius Miller led all scorers
with 21, Tyreese Scott added 11 and Micah Turner
put up 10.  The Mustangs will now focus their
attentions on Friday's NKAC encounter with Coach
Schlarman's Highlands Bluebirds down in the City
of Beautiful Homes.
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County JV and Varsity Games
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JVs Harbinger Of Things
To Come - Never Get In
Fall To Royals 32-26
The JV game should have served as a harbinger of
things to come as our Mustangs never ever seemed
to get un-tracked or develop a rhythm as they fell
to the JV Royals 32-26.
We did manage to put up nine points in the first
quarter to give us a 9-8 lead, as Kyle Kramer hit
one from the inside and one from beyond the arc to
provide five of those points, but both teams stalled
out badly in the second quarter putting up two
points apiece, giving the Mustangs a 11-10 lead at
the break.
Mason County managed to emerge from their funk
in the third quarter putting up fourteen points and
establishing a clear lead at 24-16 and rode it out for
a 32-26 win despite an eight point fourth quarter by
Greg Stortz.
The Mustangs fall to 11-6 and the less-traveled
Royals improve to 7-3.
The Mustangs will take on Highlands on Friday
night before engaging in the 37th District
Tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  Brossart
has won the past four JV District titles in

Box Score:  Lloyd 0-0-0/2-0, Ridder 1-0-0/0-2,
   Kramer 1-1-0/0-5, Hansman 3-0-1/2-7,
   Stortz 4-1-1/2-12

   Totals Mustangs:   9-2-  2/6-26
   Totals Royals:      11-1-7/13-32