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Mustangs Force Overtime Vs
GCL Power LaSalle In
Bluegrass-Buckeye Charity Classic
December 18th, 2005
Mustangs Push The LaSalle Lancers
To The Limit
Fail In Overtime 55-52  
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Brossart - LaSalle
Campbell Co - Elder Games
In a very bittersweet loss, our Mustangs earned some
well-deserved  respect in the Bluegrass-Buckeye Charity Classic on
Sunday afternoon, going toe-to-toe with the GCL powerhouse
LaSalle Lancers for four quarters of basketball and overtime before
running out of gas late, allowing the Lancers to eek out a 55-52
overtime win.
The Mustangs trailed 15-13 after a quarter, but knotted the score at
25 at the half.  We led by five at 38-33 after three periods and then
went cold for the first half of the fourth period allowing the Lancers
to tie the game at 39 and even take a 46-43 lead
before being forced into overtime, tied at 46.  Killer three point
goals by LaSalle's Tony Schmidt and Sean Hennesy proved the
difference in OT.

Even after seeing this scene repeated over and over throughout the
years it still never ceases to amaze me at how competitive our
program is with the big guys.  Be it playing Elder in their pit,
CovCath at home or on the road, beating up on LexCath at all levels,
toppling Oak Hills in the Cintas Center, and on and on and on our
guys just somehow always manage to either win or put up a great
fight.  Today in the Bluegrass-Buckeye Charity Classic it was
business as usual. There we were coming down the stretch with
Cincinnati LaSalle, one of the top teams in the city tied at 46 with a
chance to win the game.
It was almost as if we expected Brad Seiter's desperation shot at the
buzzer to go in - because that is what we have come to expect..  If
it were a fairy tale it would have, but this was reality and the shot
came up short with the Mustangs being outscored in overtime,
allowing the Lancers to dodge the Mustang bullet.   
Some years ago on a Monday night in December another Seiter
launched a similar shot that hit paydirt and lauched this program
into the top level of competiton paving the way for games such as
today when we would play LaSalle, or Edler, or Oak Hills, or
That night before the game I predicted to principal Tom Seither that
the Mustangs would pitch a big one vs Northern Kentucky's top
ranked Covington Catholic Colonels.  Tom mused that we would
have to get over the intimidation factor of playing CovCath before
we could ever succeed in beating them.  Well, we weren't
intimidated then and we're still not intimidated now in big
ballgames.     Today in the Bluegrass-Buckeye Classic's most
exciting ballgame, the Brossart Mustangs traded baskets with the
Lancers throughout the first period and trailed by 2 at the quarter
stop 15-13 as Troy Cooper established his dominance in the paint
by scoring six of our thirteen points.  Brossart wouldn't back down
in the second quarter and managed to tie the event at 25 as five
different Mustangs hung numbers on the board during the period.  
The Mustangs outplayed their more famous opponents in the third
quarter, putting up 13 points to the 8 mustered by the Lancers.  
Neither team would score for the first three minutes of the the
fourth period when LaSalle cracked the ice and outscored the home
team 6-1 to knot the contest at 39 with 3:49 to play and then go
ahead 46-43 with 2:15 left in the game.  The Mustangs would
answer the challange, knot the score at 46 and had the ball with
sixteen seconds when it was pounded inside to Troy Cooper who
misfired while under intense defensive pressure.  LaSalle would
misshandle the ball on thier final possession giving the Stangs a
chance at last second heroics but Brad's shot came up short and the
Lancers prevailed in overtime 55-52.
The question being bantered about on the night of the game is -
Would LaSalle win the 10th.  I think we all know the answer to that
question which makes it all that much more important for this team
to continue to jell and be playing even better yet when the big fish
need to be fried, such as All "A" State time and post-season play.

Box Score Mustangs: Kidney 1-0-4/4-6, Seiter 3-0-0/0-6,
   Franzen 0-0-2/2-2, Niemeyer 0-0-2/2-2, Lubbers 3-0-0/0-6,
   Uebel 2-3-1/4-14, Cooper 7-0-2/3-16

Box Score Lancers:  Schmidt 1-1-2/2-7, McElroy 4-0-1/2-9,
  Austin 4-0-0/0-8, Hennessy 2-2-0/1-10, Harris 2-1-0/3-7,
  Martin 4-0-0/0-8, Jones 1-1-0/0-5

Totals Mustangs:  16-3-10/16-52     3-2     1-1
Totals Lancers:     18-5-  2/8 -55  
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